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2018/02/26 | Richard McGregor

Is Xi Following in Mao's Footsteps?

With the removal of presidential term limits, Chinese politics may be going back to the era of strongman rule.

2018/02/26 | Alejandro Salas

OPINION: Beating Corruption Requires Long-Term Political Will

Arresting a few individuals or approving new laws will not be enough to eradicate the deep-seated problem of corruption.

2018/02/25 | Lam Chiu-ying

OPINION: Is Hong Kong’s Housing Problem Just ‘the Old Bullying the Young?’

Hong Kong's property problem goes well beyond a lack of space, it reflects a global generational tension.

2018/02/25 | The Conversation

How Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement Is Being Silenced

The attrition strategy that it used for quelling the Umbrella Movement since 2014 has been extended into a 'soft repression' of the pro-democracy movement.

2018/02/20 | Julian Kirchherr

Dams on Myanmar’s Irrawaddy River Could Fuel Greater Conflict

Myanmar’s best potential hydropower sites are all in conflict areas.

2018/02/18 | Sam Swash

REVIEW: 'The Authoritarian Public Sphere' Ponders the Resilience of Dictatorships

In this book, Alexander Dukalskis offers insight into the efforts of three of Asia’s longest standing authoritarian regimes to legitimize and maintain their rule.

2018/02/17 | Amrita Malhi

OPINION: The Malaysian Election Campaign is Already Exhausting

One can only hope that as the election draws nearer, messages will become clearer and Malaysians’ energy will return.

2018/02/14 | Suzanne Pepper

OPINION: 'Political Prisoner' Headlines Spark Judicial Rethink in Hong Kong

The distinctions between independence and self-determination should provide ample scope for legal minds to ponder.

2018/02/13 | Dr. James M. Dorsey

Uyghur Extraditions Reveal China's Growing Surveillance State

China's concern about growing Uyghur unrest has led to Orwellian measures being imposed on Xinjiang and elsewhere.

2018/02/13 | Cherian George

Making a Success of Succession in Singapore

This is the first time in the republic’s history that there is a genuine and potentially far-reaching choice of leader, which makes it a shame that Tharman Shanmugaratnam appears to be out of the game.

2018/02/12 | Coco Dollanganger

OPINION: Here's What You Don't Know about Why Filipinos Support Duterte

A chance to understand why Filipinos still love Duterte despite the constant negativity surrounding his policies and rhetoric.

2018/02/05 | Astrid Norén-Nilsson

Has Cambodia's Democracy Come to an End?

Cambodia may be transitioning to a new Chinese-inspired model of government.

2018/02/05 | Suzanne Pepper

What Edward Yiu's Reprieve Tells Us about Decision-making in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's civil servants are taking it upon themselves to act as thought police on Beijing's behalf.

2018/02/02 | Peter Guest

Raffles Still Looms Large over Post-colonial Singapore

The question of whether and how Singapore marks its bicentennial in 2019 throws up searching questions over its colonial and political past.

2018/02/02 | TIME

Umbrella Activists Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement is getting a little recognition abroad.