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2018/01/14 | Morley J Weston

OPINION: Taiwan Should Abandon the Illusion of the 7-Day Week

Protests against Taiwan's labor law amendments are wide off the mark — Taiwan needs to fundamentally rethink its calendar.

2018/01/12 | Brian Hioe

Proposed Mining Act Amendment Sidesteps Environmental Laws, Indigenous Rights

If passed as expected, the DPP will have to defend the Mining Act to a skeptical public.

2018/01/12 | Swagata Yadavar

India's Health System Is Unprepared for an Emerging Sexual Revolution

Support services for India's sexually active, unmarried adolescents are virtually non-existent.

2018/01/10 | Suzanne Pepper

OPINION: Hong Kong's Spirit of Protest Alive and Kicking in 2018

The reopening of Civic Square, a symbolic hub for Hong Kong's Occupy protests, served to galvanize protesters on the city's annual Jan. 1 protest march.

2018/01/10 | Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang

Trapped in Power: Thailand's Ruling Junta Can't Step Down

Actually competing an election is a risky choice for Prayuth Chan-ocha.

2018/01/10 | David Green

INTERVIEW: KMT Legislator Jason Hsu on Tech, Labor and the Singapore Model

As protests against Taiwan's labor laws rage outside government buildings in Taipei, KMT legislator Jason Hsu talks about a future in which technology can help solve Taiwan's public policy problems.

2018/01/09 | Ting-Yu Chao

Labor Law Protests Continue as Lawmakers Convene

This is the latest in months of protests over the anticipated passage of revisions to a law originally intended to protect workers' rights.

2018/01/08 | David Green

Taiwan Shines a Light in the Darkness with Fintech Sandbox

The sandbox is a first step towards a more flexible regulatory approach as Taiwan attempts to compete in a global race to attract fintech talent and capital.

2018/01/08 | TIME

Malaysia's Opposition Opts for Mahathir, Again

Various voices scorned the opposition alliance's appointment of the 92-year-old as its candidate for PM in the forthcoming general election.

2018/01/08 | David Green

INTERVIEW: The DPP's Karen Yu on Political Disputes and Fintech Innovation

Taiwan's sandbox bill commanded bipartisan support but achieving it was no easy task.

2018/01/05 | John F. Copper

What's Next for Taiwan's Political Party Structure?

Power in Taiwan has swung between the KMT and DPP but appetite for new parties and ideas suggest a fragmented future.

2018/01/05 | Udisha Saklani and Cecilia Tortajada

OPINION: The World Has Much to Learn from Singapore

Singapore will have to navigate uncharted waters of an increasingly turbulent and uncertain world.

2018/01/05 | Malaysiakini.com

Malaysian NGOs Sound Warning on PM Candidates

Civil society groups are urging Malaysia's major political parties not to throw stones from within glass houses.

2018/01/03 | Sheryn Lee

OPINION: Despite Icy China Relations, Tsai Ends 2017 in Command at Home

Despite icy cross-Strait relations and a failure to address crucial reforms at home, Taiwan's president closed 2017 in a remarkably stable position.

2018/01/02 | Suzanne Pepper

2017: The Year Pessimism Won in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's democratic hopes are dimmer than ever.

2018/01/02 | TNL Staff

Taiwan's High Court: Rescuers Not Responsible for Hikers' Safety

A decision holding rescue teams responsible for the death of a hiker has been overturned.