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2018/01/31 | Jonathan Sullivan

OPINION: CCP's China Rejuvenation Manifesto Bodes Ill for Taiwan

China is no longer shy about its international aspirations, first among which is reclaiming Taiwan.

2018/01/31 | Benny Hari Juliawan

From Hong Kong Migrant Workers to Women Leaders

They are not just domestic helpers hidden within the walls of fancy apartments, they are influential women leaders working for their own rights.

2018/01/30 | TNL Staff

Stickers Unveiled to 'Fix' Taiwan Passport Debacle

Washington DC's airport can still be seen around the edges and the sticker is easily removed, yet Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials are confident the amended passports will not hinder holders' freedom to travel.

2018/01/29 | Brian Hioe

Agnes Chow Barred from Hong Kong Election

'Plan A' has failed. What now for Hong Kong's pro-democracy advocates?

2018/01/29 | Graeme Smith

China's Fake Police Statistics Are a Powerful Propaganda Tool

The Chinese policing system relies upon confessions, not forensics or profiling.

2018/01/28 | Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang

Thailand Moves Closer to Becoming a Buddhist Theocracy

Thailand's government has sent aggressive signals indicating a growing intolerance of pluralism.

2018/01/26 | Dr. James M. Dorsey

MALAYSIA: Activist's Disappearance Stirs Debate about Saudi-Funded Intolerance

An activist vilified for his religion before vanishing is at the center of swirling accusations of religious intolerance.

2018/01/24 | Suzanne Pepper

Pro-democracy Field Faces Uphill Battle in HK Elections Despite Show of Unity

Special by-elections to fill seats vacated by 'oath-breaking' politicians banned by Beijing highlight the challenges faced by pro-democracy advocates in the territory.

2018/01/23 | Febriana Firdaus

Will Indonesia Finally Move Its Capital?

The clogged city of Jakarta has been on the chopping block for decades.

2018/01/22 | Eryk Smith

OPINION: Should Kaohsiung Spend US$100M Repairing Rural Roads?

One of Southern Taiwan's main tourist attractions is languishing for a lack of infrastructure funds.

2018/01/20 | TIME

Hope Fades over Myanmar's Crackdown on Journalists

Myanmar-based Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo now face up to 14 years in prison.

2018/01/19 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Taiwan's Glorious Balancing Act

Taiwan is spinning pirouettes while the rest of the region plods towards authoritarianism, according to a Freedom House report.

2018/01/17 | TIME

Joshua Wong Imprisoned Again for 2014 Protests

The Hong Kong democracy activist is returning to prison for 'defying a court order.'

2018/01/16 | The East Asia Forum Editorial Board

Vietnam Seeks US Bilateral Trade Deal amid TPP Fallout

The collapse of the TPP should not deter Vietnam from political reform, even as it pursues bilateral trade talks with a disengaged Trump White House.

2018/01/15 | Nick Aspinwall

Homelessness, Debt, Lost Memories: Hongmaogang's Cautionary Tale

The people of Hongmaogang have faced numerous challenges since their village was relocated in 2007. Now, residents work to keep their homeland's spirit alive - and warn their threatened neighbors in Dalinpu of what lies ahead.