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2017/06/15 | Kirsten Han

Is the First Family Finally Waking from Singapore’s Orwellian Nightmare?

Lee Hsien Loong has continued to erode civil liberties on the island. Like his father, he’s sued political opponents, journalists and dissidents. Are his siblings starting to wake up?

2017/06/15 | Yu-Shan Wu, Chris Alden and Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Will Africa Fit into China’s Belt and Road Plan?

Success depends on African nations providing adequate security to protect the investment environment.

2017/06/15 | Shixin Ivy Zhang

China's New Foreign Correspondents Go Into the Fray

Chinese foreign correspondents and war correspondents may be a major force and agents in China’s soft power public diplomacy. But being Chinese does not bring many benefits to practicing journalists.

2017/06/15 | Helen Ting

UMNO’s Hand in Malaysian Islamic Law

PAS leaders are now even envisioning forming a supermajority Muslim bloc to 'strengthen political Islam' in the upcoming general election, which is to be called before August 2018.

2017/06/14 | Isabelle Cheng

The Migrants' View: Taiwan's 'New Southbound Policy'

Four Vietnamese migrants give their take on Taiwan's New Southbound Policy.

2017/06/14 | Phil Robertson

OP-ED: Vietnam Stripping Blogger of Citizenship is Outrageous

The international community, especially aid donors to Vietnam, must tell Hanoi that this abuse cannot be allowed to stand, writes Phil Robertson.

2017/06/14 | Ben Hillman

Dangerous Games: China’s Ethnic Policies in Xinjiang

New naming regulations are designed to curtail 'religious fervor.' But the ruling also targets Uyghur nationalism, which is often conflated with Islamic extremism in China.

2017/06/12 | Gedaliah Afterman

China is Getting More Interested in the Middle East

The visits combined with other diplomatic activities reflect the fact that China’s engagement with the Middle East has been growing steadily in recent years.

2017/06/11 | Roman Ziqing Chen

Why Young Activists Were Key to Taiwan’s Marriage Equality Ruling

Civic forces, particularly students, are playing critical roles in advocating for same-sex unions in Taiwan.

2017/06/10 | Oiwan Lam

China's Latest Book Ban: An Award-Winning Novel About the Deadly Consequences of Land Reform

The Chinese government has recently banned the sale of an award-winning novel about land reform in the Cultural Revolution era. However, a digital copy was circulated online and won readers’ applause.

2017/06/10 | Kimly Ngoun

Dissecting the Cambodian Election

Cambodia's 2017 commune elections don't point to a decisive result for either the ruling or the opposition parties in next years general election.