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2017/12/11 | Cherian George

Lee Kuan Yew's Legacy: Managing Succession in Singapore

Lee Kuan Yew's legacy pervades Singapore's politics and the minds of its citizens long after his death.

2017/12/10 | David Green and Morley J Weston

President Tsai's Transitional Justice Act Opens Old Wounds and New

The Transitional Justice Act aims to correct injustices of the martial law period but a partisan structure and narrow focus that ignores indigenous land rights may undermine its popularity and efficacy.

2017/12/09 | Derek Ye Xiao Di

Taiwan's Place in Global Order Shifts as US Turns Inwards

Taiwan's strategic interest to the US is heading for the discard pile.

2017/12/08 | Stanley Lubman

'Credit Totalitarianism' Staggers to Its Feet in China

The dawn of 'sincerity culture' and the technological surveillance that enforces it recalls George Orwell's '1984'.

2017/12/06 | Jeffrey Warner

Asia Cement: Following Rules or Pit Mining Human Rights?

Asia Cement's permit to mine on indigenous land was renewed in double quick time, leading to mass protests and opening debate over how Taiwan's government allows big business to ride roughshod over civil rights.

2017/12/06 | Brian Hioe

Labor Law Demonstrations Culminate in Clashes with Police

Amendments to the Labor Standards Act have moved closer to passage despite protesters' efforts, with the next step happening on Dec. 23.

2017/12/05 | Michael Beltran

OPINION: Trains on Track for Disaster in the Philippines

Riding the MRT in Manila is becoming more expensive, difficult and dangerous, yet the government is set on repeating the public-private partnership arrangements that led to the problems in the first place.

2017/12/04 | Jane Rickards

Will the '5+2 Industrial Innovation Program' Catch on Better than Its Name?

Machinery, green energy, defense, biotechnology, agriculture, recycling and IOT could be the future for Taiwan.

2017/12/02 | Suzanne Pepper

Beijing Begins Post-congress Re-education of Hong Kong

If Hong Kongers still don’t get the 19th party congress message it won’t be for Beijing’s lack of trying.

2017/12/01 | David Green

OwlTing Leads Taiwan's Blockchain Awakening

As Nasdaq cheers Taipei-based OwlTing, Taiwan is on the cusp of allowing its dynamic blockchain innovators to make significant global impact.