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2017/12/18 | Bill Laurance

Can Xi Control China's Overseas Resource Exploitation?

China’s ambitions will have some positive effects, and could even be economically transformative for certain nations, but other elements will benefit China while profoundly damaging our planet.

2017/12/18 | Brian Hioe

OPINION: Huang Kuo-chang Survives Recall Vote and Faces Uncertain Future

New Power Party Chair Huang Kuo-chang's survival of a recall vote without support from the Democratic Progressive Party opens a new chapter in his party's future.

2017/12/18 | Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文)

Anti-Pollution Protesters Make Voices Heard in Taichung

Thousands took to the streets in front of a strong showing of Taiwanese politicians, but will it be enough to instigate meaningful policy change?

2017/12/16 | Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文)

The Politics of Pollution in Central Taiwan

As a rally looms, the Tsai administration is finally being forced to get serious about Taichung's pollution crisis.

2017/12/16 | Murray Ackman

Countering ISIS in the Pacific

The region needs to ensure counterterrorism measures do not inadvertently exacerbate grievances that can give rise to terrorism.

2017/12/15 | James Chin

Malaysia PM Najib Set to Retain Power Despite 1MDB Scandal

Deft diplomatic manipulation and a split opposition will likely see the Malaysian PM retain power in elections set for early next year.

2017/12/14 | Maximillian Mørch

Myanmar Refugees Face Resettlement Funding Crisis

Ethnic minority populations are not as excited about repatriation to Myanmar as their foreign aid donors.

2017/12/14 | Gregory Moore

President Xi: Not as Powerful as You Think

While undoubtedly China's strongest leader since Mao, Xi Jinping's Standing Committee – a 'Team of Rivals' – suggests Xi is subject to checks and balances far stronger than those faced by the Great Helmsman.

2017/12/13 | Agathe Lemaitre

Cash Grants are Failing Taiwan's Indigenous People

The more 'useful' Taiwan's indigenous people become to the government, the more their culture has become endangered.

2017/12/13 | Brian Hioe

Huge Labor Law Protests in Kaohsiung Threaten DPP Unity

As an estimated 30,000 take to the streets in the southern Taiwanese city over proposed changes to labor laws, pressure within the DPP threatens to rupture the party.

2017/12/12 | Li Mingjie

As Chinese Internet Controls Tighten, Internet Slang Gains a Subversive Power

On web forums, comment boards, and new media, netizens are playfully challenging social and linguistic taboos.

2017/12/12 | David Green

Q&A: Are the DPP's Renewable Energy Efforts a Sham?

A passionate advocate for green energy voices his frustration with Taiwan's progress on developing its renewables sector.

2017/12/12 | Daniel Fazio

OPINION: Australia Must Confront China's Academic Interference

The recent decision not to publish the book "Silent Invasion" which examines the growing and surreptitious CCP influence in Australia, raises alarming questions for academic freedom, public discourse, and publishing in Australia.

2017/12/11 | Kevin Carrico

REVIEW: 'A System Apart' - How HK and Beijing Played for Time Post-97

Cartledge's book shows how escalating political clashes in Hong Kong have their roots in expectations China would soften over time.