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2017/12/29 | Hwa Ryung Lee

President Moon's Wage Increases Pose Fiscal Risk to South Korea

The Moon administration's income-led growth strategy is not without fiscal risk.

2017/12/28 | Yulin

'Facebook Live' Hosts Illegal Pet Market in Taiwan

One potential customer asked if they could raise an ostrich in their backyard.

2017/12/27 | Morley J Weston

INTERVIEW: Peter Nguyen Van Hung on Migrant Brides and Workers’ Rights

Laws surrounding migrant workers have changed, but there is still much to be done before Taiwan's migrant laborers can live with dignity.

2017/12/27 | Timothy Ferry

State-run Chunghwa Struggles With Taiwan's Surging Data Use

Taiwan's internet is fast and cheap — but that's a problem for its telecoms players.

2017/12/27 | Murali Krishnan

India's Free Press Threatened by Crony Culture

In India, press freedoms and the journalists that defend them are feeling the squeeze from a government that is too close to major media.

2017/12/26 | Warwick McKibbin

OPINION: Tax Cuts Sell Out the Future of the US

Trump’s cuts will leave American incomes worse off in the long-term. Instead of following the US example, the world should instead be looking to boost productivity.

2017/12/25 | Michael Beltran

OPINION: President Duterte's Same-sex Marriage Stance Flips and May Still Flop

The Philippine president's support for LGBT rights waxes and wanes, but his opposition to other minority rights groups remains consistent.

2017/12/25 | Thawng Tha Lian

The Church and Peacebuilding in Myanmar's Chin State

The role of the Church in peacebuilding in Chin state will be significant as long as people there are influenced by their religion and the institution continues to make the process a primary concern.

2017/12/25 | Brian Hioe

Labor Law Protests Rock Taipei

Protests as large and aggressive have not been witnessed in Taipei since the 2014 Sunflower Movement.

2017/12/25 | Oiwan Lam

Hong Kong Feels a Chill amid Legislative Council Changes

Recent changes to Hong Kong's Legislative Council rules weaken its ability to check the power of the city's government.

2017/12/22 | Shuriah Niazi

Debating the Death Penalty for Raping Young Girls in India

In reaction to headline grabbing cases and alarming statistics the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is on the verge of introducing the death sentence for sexual assaults of young girls.

2017/12/22 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: Cultural Revulsion at Public Execution Hearings

Public sentencing of death row convicts in China attracts morbid onlookers and recalls public shaming of the Cultural Revolution.

2017/12/21 | GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Dirty GIFs and Seditious Memes are Under Fire in Indonesia

Authorities threatened to block WhatsApp if the messenger app did not block 'obscene' content.

2017/12/20 | Peter Guest

Singapore's MRT Issues Undermine Ruling People's Action Party

Recent criticism of Singapore's mass transit is about so much more than trains.

2017/12/20 | Louis Lo

Nationalist Treasure: Taipei's Streets Contain a Secret Map of China

Taipei's street names are rarely older than 50 years, but their story goes back another century.

2017/12/19 | Sarah A Son

Don't Let Missiles Distract from Human Rights in North Korea

Awareness of the outside world is growing inside North Korea. Now is the time to double down on engagement with the regime over its record on human rights.

2017/12/18 | David Green

Vibrant yet Dangerous: Taiwan’s Democracy Flies Sunward

The pace of change in the legislative yuan is breathtaking and illustrative of a vibrant young democracy, but changes to referendum laws open a Pandora’s box.