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2017/11/30 | Eryk Smith

Pingtung City is Dying, Why Not Give it to Kaohsiung?

Despite now being a 'city,' Pingtung residents would be better represented, better funded and better organized as a part of Kaohsiung.

2017/11/29 | David Green

Cheng Hsing-tse: Finally Free from Death Row's Shadow

Cheng Hsing-tse reflects on a decade living with the prospect of imminent execution after his exoneration and liberation from death row.

2017/11/29 | David Green

Lee Ming-che's Sentence Chills Taiwan NGOs

Lee Ming-che's sentencing to five years in prison in China for the crime of 'subversion' has had a marked chilling effect on the actions and communications of Taiwan's NGOs. The case also suggests Taiwan's wider population faces an insidious dilemma: whether or not to self-censor. 

2017/11/27 | TNL Staff

Closure of Hsinchu Homebox Branch Results in Strikes, Arrests

A breakdown in negotiations led disgruntled employees to block the entrance to a Hsinchu store and scuffle with police.

2017/11/25 | Oiwan Lam

Views from Inside China on Mugabe's Fall from Grace

China had been political allies with Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe until the leader stepped down. The reaction inside China has been mixed.

2017/11/24 | Stellina Chen

CARTOON: The Public Calls for 'Justice'

Tens of thousands of Taiwanese citizens signed a petition to introduce flogging as a punishment for some crimes. Is this a serious proposal or a frustrated mob venting their anger?

2017/11/24 | Eriko Suzuki

Is Japan Capable of Opening to Immigrants?

Japan is at the leading edge of the aging crisis that is about to sweep the region. How they handle it could serve as a model for Korea, Taiwan and China.

2017/11/21 | Olga Krasnyak

Russia is Vying for Power in the South Pacific

Those engaged in Pacific affairs should seek to understand what kind of strings Russia might be tying in the region, and what consequences might follow.

2017/11/20 | Mariah Thornton

Tsai Opts for Soft Power in the New Southbound Policy

Tsai’s ‘New Southbound Policy’ has increasingly prioritized strengthening cultural and other non-economic links with Southeast Asian nations.

2017/11/19 | Merriden Varrall

Fearing Beijing's Ire, the Australian Publishing Industry is Censoring Itself

It seems that China has not actually taken any action to influence this decision, but publishers are still playing it safe.

2017/11/18 | Michael Beltran

Post Mortem: The ASEAN Summit and Trump’s Visit to the Philippines

Michael Beltran argues that Duterte wants to validate his drug war amidst the criticisms and casualties; it sees continued subservience to American interests as the answer.

2017/11/18 | Emily Walz

China, Vietnam and the Mekong Problem

Sino-Vietnamese Relations revolve around the Lancang-Mekong River.

2017/11/14 | Nate Maynard

Taiwan Cannot Develop Renewable Energy While Secretly Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

Taiwan's government claims that they eliminated electricity subsidies, but they really just hid them from public scrutiny.

2017/11/13 | Rongbin Han

New (and Not So New) Trends in China’s Online Censorship

The volume of online complaints on one major Internet forum has dropped significantly and dramatically since March 2013, when Xi took power. Through reducing negative information within Chinese cyberspace and blocking citizens’ access to information outside the Great Firewall, the party-state turns Chinese cyberspace increasingly into an intranet.

2017/11/13 | Tim Ferry

Energy in Taiwan: Uncertainty in Liquefied Natural Gas

A natural gas receiving terminal has been postponed due to the potential impact on a coral reef.

2017/11/12 | Julian CH Lee

A New Generation of Protest Culture Sweeps Southeast Asia

Young protestors in Malaysia differ from other activists in terms of the their collective identity, the moral value they place on that identity, and the breadth of issues they may champion.

2017/11/11 | Darice D. Chang

Women in Power: Reflections on Gender Politics From Taipei to Lhasa

Three prominent women speak on the problems faced by women in Tibet's government-in-exile and address the history and progress of gender equality in Taiwan.

2017/11/10 | Edward White

UPDATE: Waking from a Nightmare, 16 Years on Death Row in Taiwan

As a Taiwanese man wrongly held for murder readjusts to society, he has been awarded a record settlement by the courts.