How Does the Taiwanese Public View Efforts Against Misinformation?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey results have identified a crucial element in Taiwan’s fight against misinformation: the use of fact-checks.


How the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Works — And How It Will Affect Taiwan

Ian Murphy

The IPEF represents a deepening of the U.S.’s economic ties with countries in the Indo-Pacific. Though Taiwan has not been included, there are opportunities for similar initiatives.


Taoyuan Mayoral Race Illustrates Hypocrisy in DPP and KMT Strategies

Hiro Fu

The Taoyuan mayoral race has featured hypocritical partisan attacks that speak to real problems in Taiwan’s democracy.


Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 2): How Stagnant Wages are Throttling the Economy

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has one of the lowest GDP growths since 1995 among emerging economies. This is not going to change if wages don’t grow.


“Now I Walk My Own”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path, Part 2

Judy Chen

Kao Chia-yu frames her rise as that of a self-made actor against established forces. The story begins in her college years. This is the second part of a three-part essay on Kao and the world that made her.


The Death Penalty Makes Us Forget Our Humanity. Don’t Let It.

Kirsten Han

When fighting against the cold machinery of death, we must all the more cling on to empathy and care for one another.


Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 1): How Far Has Taiwan’s Economy Fallen Behind Other Countries Due To Stagnant Wages?

Roy Ngerng

When wages don’t grow, household expenditures and ultimately business profits stagnate as well. Here’s how this has played out in Taiwan.

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