Taiwan Shows Resilience Despite China’s Import Ban on Mangoes

TNL Staff

In face of China’s imports ban on mangoes, Taiwan shows resilience by preventive measures of market diversification and nurturing domestic demands.


How China Shapes “Narratives” as Opinion Warfare Tactic During VP Lai’s Trip to Paraguay

TNL Staff

Analyst explains how China shapes “narratives” as a tactic to inflame Taiwan locals’ sentiments during VP Lai's visit to Paraguay, and possibly, in Taiwan's 2024 Presidential Election as well.

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Hong Kong Seeks Public Help in Purging Library Books

Voice of America

Hong Kong authorities’ request for citizens to report books that “endanger national security” has raised concerns about erosion of freedom and similarities to tactics used in China’s Cultural Revolution.

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Paraguay’s New Government Remains Loyal to Taiwan

East Asia Forum

Despite China’s enormous market potential, the new Paraguay government reaffirms the country's support for the status quo and continuity in its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.


Activists Cite Increasing Arrests of Uyghurs With Turkish Connections

Voice of America

Turkey has long served as a refuge for Uyghur exiles, but recently there has been increasing arrests aimed at those who pursue further studies there.


Election Frontrunner VP Lai: No Framework for Taiwan’s ‘Formal Independence’

TNL Staff

Lai reiterated that there is no framework nor roadmap for “formal independence” as Taiwan is a “sovereign, independent country” itself.


‘Love Letter’ From Australian Journalist Jailed in China

Voice of America

“I haven't seen a tree in three years,” said Cheng Lei, the Australian journalist who has been detained in China for three years, in a letter to the people in her home country.

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