OPINION: Behind the Asian Games Glitz Hides a Troubled Indonesia

The Interpreter

It'll take more than a cover over Jakarta's 'Black River' to hide the darkness that threatens the heart of Indonesia.


CARTOON: China's Cash for Central American Control

Stellina Chen

China reportedly agreed to provide more than US$27 billion in financing for a port in El Salvador.


UPDATE: El Salvador Cuts Diplomatic Ties with Taiwan

David Green

El Salvador becomes the third country this year to switch diplomatic recognition to China.


Meet the Monarchs and Dictators of Tsai Ing-wen’s ‘Alliance of Democratic Values’

Antonio C. Hsiang

How can Tsai Ing-wen possibly rope her 18 remaining diplomatic allies into a 'democratic coalition' to oppose China when they themselves are hardly functioning democracies?


CARTOON: China's Million Prisoner Question

Stellina Chen

China has so far offered only deflections and denials in the face of questions over its mistreatment of millions of Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

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