Ko Overtakes Lai in Presidential Race, a Pre-TPP/KMT Breakdown Poll Shows

Kim Chan Sonia Schlesinger

Taiwan’s presidential race sees a dramatic shift as the TPP candidate Ko Wen-je surges ahead of the former frontrunner, DPP’s Lai Ching-te, in a recent poll conducted by the TPOF.


Taiwan Farmers, Candidates Feel Effects of China's Limit on Fruit Exports

Voice of America

China’s import bans on Taiwanese fruits, are seen as a way to influence Taiwan’s presidential election, with the local farmers want whichever party wins to help them sell their crops at a profit.


The opening of the No. 1 Social Housing in Zhongli, "ONE HOW SPACE Local Regeneration Base," Mayor Chang Shan-cheng looks forward to young friends showcasing their creativity and highlighting local features.

Mayor Chang Shan-cheng attended the opening press conference of the "ONE HOW SPACE Local Regeneration Base" in Zhongli District. The base aims to provide exhibition and curation spaces for local youth teams to showcase their creativity and develop diverse small businesses. The city government encourages young teams to integrate Zhongli's unique characteristics to generate income.


The KMT, TPP Stumble on Their Road to a Joint Presidential Ticket

Kim Chan Sonia Schlesinger

The KMT and the TPP have been unable to reach a consensus over poll results, and the historical “joint ticket” plan to challenge the ruling DPP is in jeopardy.


Decoding Eight Years of Taiwan’s Presidency by Tsai Ing-Wen: Interview With French Journalist Arnaud Vaulerin

Global Voices

French journalist Vaulerin, who publishes a book about Taiwan president Tsai Ing-Wen, discusses Tsai's achievements during her two consecutive mandates, including Taiwan's positioning in the international arena and its success in the chip industry.


KMT and TPP Set To Have A Second Cross-Party Negotiation

TNL Staff

Leaders of the KMT and the TPP will have a bilateral talk on Wednesday (15th) to discuss the way of co-authoring a joint ticket in the 2024 presidential race.


Taiwan, UK Expand On Bilateral Trade Partnership 

TNL Staff

The deepening economic and trade relations between the UK and Taiwan is highly beneficial as Taiwan seeks to gain access to the CPTPP.


‘Dual Nationality’ Remains An Unanswered Void for TPP’s Potential Legislator-at-Large

TNL Staff

Controversy surrounds Taiwanese legislator-at-large candidate Xu Chunying, with rumors circulating that she was a former Chinese Communist Party member.

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