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2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Trending this Week
The biggest stories from Taiwan and around Asia this week.
2017/01/20 | TNL Staff
Taiwanese Believe They Are a Bargaining Chip for President Trump: Poll
While the Taiwanese were excited by the Trump-Tsai phone call, a survey has found most believe the island-nation is just a bargaining chip for the new U.S. president.
2017/01/20 | John Pollock
Xi's Unprecedented Power Play and the Question of Succession in China
2017: The year Xi Jinping will seek to consolidate his power in China.
2017/01/20 | Will Brehm
Twitter Lessons for Trump from Cambodia's Facebook King
Cambodia’s social media warnings for Trump’s America.
2017/01/18 | The Japan Times
Abe must Make an Effort in Easing Asia-Pacific Tensions
The Abe administration should approach both Washington and Beijing in an effort to help ease mutual tensions and work for stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
2017/01/18 | Bernt Berger
OPINION: Tapei and Beijing Should Tell the US to Back Off
' Taipei submitting to demands for nationalist self-determination at home will result in greater dependency and shifts of the U.S.'s One-China policy.'
2017/01/16 | Johan van de Ven
Why China Is Wooing Southeast Asia’s New Strongman
Improved government relations with fiery Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are key to securing dominance in the South China Sea.
2017/01/16 | David Brown
The Art of a Trump-China deal
The incoming Trump administration is clearly intent on changing Beijing’s behavior, argues David Brown.
Taiwan's Political Revolution and China's Challenge
Donald Trump and Taiwan’s president aren’t China’s biggest long-term ‘Taiwan issue’ challenge, argues Courtney Donovan Smith.
2017/01/15 | Sally Tyler
Doctor, My Eyes
From a Filipino independence leader to Syrian dictator and libertarian US senator, Sally Tyler takes a look at the political visions and impacts of eye doctors who’ve swapped patients for politics.
On the Trump-Tsai Call, a Plea for Progressive Support
It’s time for Taiwanese people to speak up and tell our own side of the story.
2017/01/14 | Sam Roggeveen
South China Sea: Tillerson Throws a Rhetorical Bomb
Even if Tillerson and the Trump team walk back these comments in coming days, they will no doubt be remembered in Beijing.
2017/01/13 | The Japan Times
Keep Japan-Korea Comfort Women Deal Alive
The Abe administration needs to keep in mind that, given the paralysis of the Park administration, its diplomatic measures over the dispute could inflame South Korean public opinion.
2017/01/12 | Olivia Yang
Nigeria Orders Closure of Taiwan Office in Capital
'Taiwan will stop enjoying any privileges because it is not a country that is recognized under international law and under the position we have taken internationally we recognize the people of China,' said Nigeria's foreign minister.
2017/01/11 | Edward White
My Party or My People? Indigenous Legislator on the Fight for Self-Determination in Taiwan
Taiwan looks set to open the door for its indigenous people to achieve some degree of autonomy. Will the rest of the population accept it?
2017/01/11 | Robert E Kelly
The Year to Come: Northeast Asian Security in 2017
Here are four issue areas to watch in the new year.
Eating and Drinking in Chinese Officialdom
A look at Xi Jinping's crackdown on political banqueting in China.
2017/01/10 | The Japan Times
Promoting Local Autonomy in Japan
Transferring administrative power from the central to local governments may not be enough to realize true local autonomy.