How Will Taiwan’s Next President Approach Relations With Washington and Beijing?

Hiro Fu

Much like the 2020 elections, the results of the 2024 elections are crucial to Taiwan’s future in the face of increasing Chinese aggressions.


President Tsai Nominates Justices for Constitutional Court Vacancies

TNL Staff

The Constitution allows presidents to appoint all 15 members of the Constitutional Court.


Taiwanese Election Drama Is a Subversive Hit in China

Voice of America

For some, “Wave Makers” has resonance because it was released just six months after China’s “white paper revolution” swept the country in late November and early December 2022.


Should Taiwan Consider a Runoff System for Presidential Elections?

Timothy S. Rich

Parties in Taiwan are unlikely to support the introduction of a runoff system in the upcoming three-way race.


Paraguay Open to Trade With China While Maintaining Ties With Taiwan: President

TNL Staff

The newly elected Paraguayan president will maintain relations with Taiwan, the outgoing president said.


Taiwanese Reporters Denied Press Passes for WHA

TNL Staff

The foreign ministry called the incident “a serious violation of a universal human right and the principle of justice for all that the UN aims to embody.”


Paraguay President to Visit Taiwan Ahead of Elections

TNL Staff

Paraguay’s presidential candidate for the opposition party said he’d switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China once elected.

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