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2016/03/29 | TNL 編輯

Keep to the Right? Taipei Finds Old Habit on Escalators Hard to Shake

After the Japanese campaign promoting standing firmly on escalators over keeping to a certain side, the old etiquette to keep the right is no longer enforced due to public safety concerns. However, people in Taipei still find it hard to abandon the habit that has existed for more than 20 years.

2016/03/29 | TNL 編輯

Human Rights Groups Denounce Malaysia for Hanging Murderers

As the decapitation of a toddler in Taiwan yesterday angers the public and heats discussion over the death penalty again, Amnesty International has denounced the execution of three men in Malaysia. The Malaysian judicial officials hanged three men to death only two days after informing their families, which was condemned by the Amnesty International for overlooking human rights and adequate process in the legal system.

2016/03/28 | TNL 編輯

Third Pakistan Terrorist Attack This Month Leaves at least 70 Killed

A suicide bomb was detonated in a public park in Pakistan on the evening of March 27, killing at least 70 people and leaving more than 300 injured. A breakaway Pakistani faction of the militant Taliban claimed the responsibility for the attack, which is said to have targeted the Christian community. Since it was Easter, many Christian families were in the park celebrating the holiday. Many children and women were among the victims.

2016/03/28 | TNL 編輯

A Tsai-Xi Meeting? Debates Rise Among Uncertainty of Cross-strait Relations

After the Ma-Xi meeting last year, president-elect Tsai Ing-wen has not ruled out the possibility of meeting with China’s president Xi Jinping. On March 23, both Tsai and Xi received invitations from Panama to attend their completing ceremony of the Panama Canal. Discussions have been raised about whether the leaders of both countries will meet.

2016/03/25 | TNL 編輯

Women Returning from US “Maternity Tours” Apply for Reimbursements up to NT$30 Million in Taiwan

As US authorities raided “maternity hotels” in South California earlier this month, a number of Taiwanese pregnant women were also found traveling to the US to give birth via agencies. The agencies have been found to fabricate medical prescriptions for these women to claim medical insurance reimbursements in Taiwan. Three people have been brought up on charges of fraud and forgery.

2016/03/25 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan Legislator Calls For Ban On After-Hour Messages

In the latest session of the Legislative Yuan, labor rights of being free from employers’ calls after working hours were promoted; however, the Minister of Labor still says they have little control over the operation of the companies, including protecting labor rights after hours.

2016/03/24 | TNL 編輯

Indonesian Migrant Workers Reported to be Joining IS

Head of the National Agency for Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers warns several countries, including Taiwan, to be highly alert since some workers have already been reported to be part of the Islamic State (IS).

2016/03/24 | TNL 編輯

[UPDATE] Apple Pay’s Destiny In Taiwan Remains Uncertain

People using Apple products have been expecting the introduction of Apple Pay in Taiwan; however, the implementation is still pending due to several obstacles.

2016/03/23 | TNL 編輯

Aung San Suu Kyi May Assume Multiple Posts in Myanmar Government

President-elect Htin Kyaw has nominated Aung San Suu Kyi for four cabinet posts, including minister of the president's office, foreign affairs, energy and education. She might end up assuming more than one post in the cabinet and become the de facto head of government to lead the country.

2016/03/23 | TNL 編輯

Latest Update: Explosions Strike Brussels, Claiming More Than 30 Lives So Far

Three explosions struck the Brussels airport and metro system on March 22, killing at least 34 people and leaving more than 200 people injured so far. Extremist militant group Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the bombings. Due to the attacks, the airport will remain closed indefinitely and the metro will be running a reduced service.

2016/03/23 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan Invites International Media to Visit Disputed South China Sea Island

Taiwan has insisted that Itu Aba Island, also known as Taiping Island, is qualified as an island instead of a rock. On March 23, Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites multiple international media outlets to visit the island to promote Taiwan’s stance over the issue.

2016/03/23 | TNL 編輯

Top University in Taiwan Demands Fully English Courses to Attract Foreign Students

The new policy issued by National Chengchi University (NCCU) has angered professors and has been criticized widely since it demands new teachers to provide fully English courses.

2016/03/22 | TNL 編輯

Taiwan or Republic of China? Taiwan’s Democracy Brought Up In Roundtable Discussion In Europe

According to Taiwan Corner, this is the first time within the past three years that Taiwan’s democracy has been discussed formally in Europe.