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2017/07/25 | Aaron L. Connelly
Indonesia's Name Games: The 'North Natuna Sea'
Rather than engaging in name games, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian states would be better off focusing on practical measures like building opposition to Chinese actions that violate international law.
2017/07/22 | Shashank Joshi
Where the India-China Standoff is Going
A diplomatic off-ramp is currently hard to see, but may become easier in the autumn.
2017/07/21 | Dr Anthony Bergin
Beneath the Surface: Fisheries Diplomacy and the South China Sea
The dynamiting of reefs, plus overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, and the impacts of climate change are all having an impact on fish stocks in the contested waters of the South China Sea. Anthony Bergin takes a look at what Australia could do about it.
2017/07/20 | FORTUNE
How North Korea Could Start a War With America Right Now
As frightening as ICBMs sound, Pyongyang already possesses all the weapons it needs to draw America into a war. The question is whether the US and its allies will continue to strengthen the tools required to deter such a conflict.
The North Korean Celebrity Who 'Went Home'
South Korea is probing the case of a North Korean celebrity who 'returned home.'
2017/07/19 | Michael S. Chase
China's Nuclear Bomber: Creating Credible 'Triad' and Boosting PLAAF Strategic Role
A PLAAF nuclear bomber capability would provide China with its first credible nuclear ‘triad’ of delivery systems dispersed across land, sea, and air.
2017/07/18 | Zi Yang
Xi Jinping is Restoring 'Traditionalism' in China amid Cultural Revival Campaign
Xi Jinping’s China is witnessing the unfolding of a cultural revival campaign. Although state-driven cultural revival is a win with the mostly conservative Chinese, the Party-state’s leading position in the campaign means it has all the power to determine what is an 'outstanding' element of traditional culture.
2017/07/17 | Elsa Kania
PLA Swarms at War: Chinese Advances in Swarm Intelligence
PLA strategists expect that future, autonomous combat involving unmanned systems, as well as the joint operations of unmanned and manned systems, will have a dramatic impact on traditional operational models.
2017/07/16 | Edward Cavanough
Mongolia’s Election Outcome is a Win for Putin
Battulga’s pro-Russia agenda means his election is a significant win for Russian President Vladimir Putin, representing as it does a further proliferation of pro-Kremlin regimes in the states bordering Russia’s extensive frontier.
2017/07/15 | Helen Clark
Vietnam Wants India to Help in the South China Sea
During a visit by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vietnam named India a comprehensive strategic partner, elevating it to the highest echelon of cooperation.
2017/07/14 | James Goldrick
Parsing the Significance of the New Russia-China Naval Cooperation
Exercise Joint Sea 2017: A new step in Russo-Chinese naval cooperation?
2017/07/12 | Hai Hong Nguyen
Will Vietnam Pull the US back to Asia?
Trump’s visit to Vietnam is an auspicious opportunity for him to reiterate the message the United States is not pivoting away from Asia.
2017/07/11 | Hitoshi Tanaka
Is North Korean Denuclearization a Mirage?
'We must not fall into the trap of believing that a negotiated settlement with North Korea on denuclearization is impossible,' writes Hitoshi Tanaka.