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2017/06/23 | Jeroen Adam
Mindanao's Vanishing Chance for Peace
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law in Mindanao not only has serious implications for human rights and democracy, but also risks shattering an already fragile pathway to peace on the island, Jeroen Adams writes.
2017/06/22 | Mark Valencia
The Dangerous Rise in US-China 'At Sea Incidents'
When and if China’s ISR capabilities reach technologic and geographic parity with those of the U.S., the two may see fit to negotiate such guidelines. In the meantime, such incidents will probably become more frequent and dangerous.
2017/06/20 | Nan Li
China's Southern Theater Command: The PLA's Evolving Maritime Strategy
Appointing a naval officer to command a theater in unprecedented in PLA history, further confirming the shift of China’s military posture from continental defense to maritime security
2017/06/19 | Ja Ian Chong
Singapore: The Switzerland of Asia?
'Singapore’s increasingly restricted options may limit it to a policy of strict neutrality that leaves both Washington and Beijing dissatisfied.'
2017/06/14 | Dennis J. Blasko
Taking Off: China's Helicopter Force Expands
The increase in the number of Army helicopters accompanies the expansion of the force in the latest round of PLA reforms.
2017/06/12 | Gedaliah Afterman
China is Getting More Interested in the Middle East
The visits combined with other diplomatic activities reflect the fact that China’s engagement with the Middle East has been growing steadily in recent years.
2017/06/07 | James Laurenceson
The $5 Trillion Question: Is China Really a Threat to Maritime Trade?
China has become highly dependent on seaborne imports to meet its demand for energy, as well as basic industrial inputs such as iron ore.
2017/06/06 | Kei Koga
Does ASEAN Have Anything to Offer on the South China Sea?
It is now clear that ASEAN failed to forge a united political front against provocative actions in the South China Sea, and that the ASEAN chairman’s statement withdrew the concerns of earlier years in order to avoid provoking China, wrote Kei Koga.
2017/06/02 | Erin Cook
With Martial Law in Mindanao, Where Next For the Philippines?
'Until the police and the Armed Forces say the Philippines is safe, this martial law will continue. I will not listen to others. The Supreme Court, Congress, they are not here,' said President Rodrigo Duterte.
2017/06/01 | Daniel Fazio
North Korea and the Guns of August
Brinkmanship on the Korean Peninsula can only go so far before a crisis occurs, or war breaks out, Daniel Fazio writes.