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China Reels in East China Sea Island Fishing
China appears to have instructed its boisterous fishing fleet to stand down as expectations of a repeat of 2016 tensions around the Diaoyu Islands failed to materialize this summer and fall.
2017/12/05 | Adam P MacDonald
OPINION: Canada Must Develop a Coherent East Asia Maritime Strategy
Deployments of Royal Canadian Navy ships to East Asia suggest a willingness to influence the region, but Canada must define a clear policy objective amid tension between the U.S. and China.
2017/12/04 | Hunter Marston
Trump's Mixed Messages Threaten Asia's Security
Human rights abusers in Asia will feel chipper following Trump's visits, but regimes that rely on the U.S. security guarantee? Not so much.
2017/12/02 | Gavin Briggs
Geography Still Matters amid South China Sea Shifts
Even as the world goes digital, the realm of geopolitics is still grounded in control of islands and the range of ships.
2017/12/01 | Adam Hatch
OPINION: Taiwan Must Come to its Own Defense
If Taiwan is so outclassed militarily, why should Taipei bother with military expenditures at all?
How will the US React to China's First Overseas Military Base?
American officials are increasingly frustrated by the way that Chinese military officials approach their interactions with their U.S. counterparts.
2017/11/26 | Andrew Selth
Myanmar's Military Will Ultimately Decide the Fate of the Rohingya
Myanmar's generals are unlikely to be persuaded to change their long term goals by anything the international community might say or do.
2017/11/26 | Martin Weiser
South Korea Knows Shockingly Little about the North
Given the urgent demand for North Korean expertise, why are potential treasure-troves of information being ignored?
2017/11/25 | Oiwan Lam
Views from Inside China on Mugabe's Fall from Grace
China had been political allies with Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe until the leader stepped down. The reaction inside China has been mixed.
2017/11/23 | Jeongseok Lee
Cooler Heads Prevail in SK-China Missile Defense Spat
With the THAAD issue largely settled, politics on the Korean peninsula just got a little less complicated.
2017/11/21 | Olga Krasnyak
Russia is Vying for Power in the South Pacific
Those engaged in Pacific affairs should seek to understand what kind of strings Russia might be tying in the region, and what consequences might follow.
2017/11/18 | Emily Walz
China, Vietnam and the Mekong Problem
Sino-Vietnamese Relations revolve around the Lancang-Mekong River.
2017/11/09 | TIME
Trump Calls on Xi to Act Fast and Rein in North Korea
The U.S. President passed the buck to his Chinese counterpart during a state visit to Beijing.
2017/11/07 | Van Jackson
US War Talk on North Korea 'Pours Water on Wet Sponge'
The Trump administration’s maximum-pressure policy generates risks of miscalculation and an obvious impression that the U.S. is positioning itself for war without any prospect of upside for the effort.
2017/11/04 | Truong-Minh Vu
ASEAN's China Shift Puts Vietnam on Coast Guard
China's growing influence in Southeast Asia leaves no country more isolated in terms of maritime strategy than Vietnam, and places increasing importance on the relationship with the United States and its impact on strengthening the Vietnam Coast Guard.