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2017/11/25 | Oiwan Lam
Views from Inside China on Mugabe's Fall from Grace
China had been political allies with Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe until the leader stepped down. The reaction inside China has been mixed.
2017/11/23 | Jeongseok Lee
Cooler Heads Prevail in SK-China Missile Defense Spat
With the THAAD issue largely settled, politics on the Korean peninsula just got a little less complicated.
2017/11/21 | Olga Krasnyak
Russia is Vying for Power in the South Pacific
Those engaged in Pacific affairs should seek to understand what kind of strings Russia might be tying in the region, and what consequences might follow.
2017/11/18 | Emily Walz
China, Vietnam and the Mekong Problem
Sino-Vietnamese Relations revolve around the Lancang-Mekong River.
2017/11/09 | TIME
Trump Calls on Xi to Act Fast and Rein in North Korea
The U.S. President passed the buck to his Chinese counterpart during a state visit to Beijing.
2017/11/07 | Van Jackson
US War Talk on North Korea 'Pours Water on Wet Sponge'
The Trump administration’s maximum-pressure policy generates risks of miscalculation and an obvious impression that the U.S. is positioning itself for war without any prospect of upside for the effort.
2017/11/04 | Truong-Minh Vu
ASEAN's China Shift Puts Vietnam on Coast Guard
China's growing influence in Southeast Asia leaves no country more isolated in terms of maritime strategy than Vietnam, and places increasing importance on the relationship with the United States and its impact on strengthening the Vietnam Coast Guard.
2017/11/04 | Louise Watt
VIDEO: Taiwan Celebrates Love of Classic Mini Cars
A grand day out as a Mini owners from around Taiwan descend on Taitung for the day to celebrate their affection for the classic British motor car.
2017/10/24 | Yvonne Chiu
China Stoking Nationalist Fires in Doklam Border Dispute
China's recent dispute with India on the border with Bhutan shows how Beijing wields its international clout to boost domestic legitimacy.
2017/10/19 | Lou Chunhao
China-India Maritime Security: Competition or Cooperation?
An increase in maritime tensions between China and India have become increasingly more apparent over the past few years.
Philippines Foreign Policy under President Duterte
Philippines foreign policy under President Duterte has strengthened relations with Japan and appeared to tack away from the U.S., but the reality is more nuanced.
2017/10/08 | Hitoshi Tanaka
Avoiding War with North Korea
Tensions on the Korean Peninsula continue to rise. Kim Jong-un has ramped North Korea’s missile and nuclear testing programs and US President Donald Trump has exacerbated the tensions with his tough talk.
2017/10/06 | Michael Turton
BOOK REVIEW: The Chinese Invasion Threat: Taiwan's Defense and US Strategy in Asia
Don't believe the hype. Ian Easton's new book is no roadmap to a 2020 invasion of Taiwan by China. Instead, it is a thoroughly researched joy of a read that delves deep into the complexities of potential cross-Strait conflict, and comes up suggesting Taiwan remains a tough nut to crack for the PLA.
2017/10/05 | Grace Guiang
Are 'Minilaterals' the Future of ASEAN Security?
Bilateral arrangements are no longer enough to address the convergence of challenges around regional security.
2017/09/18 | Dongxiao Chen
The Dangers of Flip-flopping on North Korea
The security situation on the Korean peninsula seems to be moving further away from Beijing’s preferred objectives.
2017/09/15 | Sidney Jones
The Danger of a Revitalized Insurgency in the Philippines
Addressing security concerns without undue militarization is going to be tricky...
2017/09/14 | Rory Medcalf
India vs China: Who Really Won at Doklam
Unless China brings back the bulldozers soon, India will have won this round. And it did so without substantial involvement by the US.
2017/09/14 | Greg Raymond
This is the End: Thailand's Shinawatras Era Draws to a Close
The political transition brought on by the end of the Shinawatra era could be more important for everyday Thais than the royal transition.