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2018/02/24 | Russell Hsiao

OPINION: Cross-Strait Aviation Tensions Have 'Implications Beyond Taiwan'

Contrary to Beijing’s vague claim, there is apparently no direct communication between air traffic control systems in Taiwan and China.

2018/02/17 | David Brewster

The Indian Ocean Base Race Heats Up

The Indian navy has just been granted access to an Omani base close to the Persian Gulf.

2018/02/16 | Wilson VornDick

Will China's Military Embrace Blockchain?

Even as China cracks down on cryptocurrencies, blockchain remains intrinsically useful to the defense and intelligence sectors.

2018/02/09 | TIME

MYANMAR: Jailed Journalists Were Investigating Massacre

The two reporters are currently on trial and face up to 14 years in prison.

2018/02/07 | Ngo Di Lan

OPINION: Are American Freedom of Navigation Operations Necessary?

The U.S. is determined to resist Chinese expansion in the South China Sea, but it may not have the political will to make regular patrols.

2018/02/04 | Stephen R Nagy

Winter Olympic Thaw Fractures Alliances in Korea

North Korea's Winter Olympic narrative is a diplomatic and strategic coup that US President Trump and allies will find difficult to counter.

2018/02/01 | David Brewster

China Is Planning a New Network of Indian Ocean Bases

China is attempting to expand its naval reach across another ocean.

2018/01/22 | Kevin McCauley

China Attempts to Accelerate Military Reform Plans

China has shifted course and is working on developing disruptive technologies, but still has a long way to go.

2018/01/21 | Haironesah Domado

International Terrorists Become Traders in Southeast Asia

Transnational militants possess specialist knowledge of 'market conditions' across the Southeast Asian archipelago and the regional linkages they need to access them.

2018/01/17 | The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

Did Duterte Give Up on the South China Sea Dispute?

Under Duterte’s watch, ASEAN lost a crucial opportunity to hold China to account.

2018/01/12 | Adam P MacDonald

Can Myanmar Wean Itself Off North Korea?

North Korea remains a stable source of materiel and military expertise for Myanmar.

2018/01/05 | K Yhome

Can India's 'Military Diplomacy' Help Pacify Myanmar?

India is using UN peacekeeping exercises to keep Myanmar internationally engaged.

2018/01/02 | Chun-Yi Lee

Cross-Strait Tensions Could Spread to Southeast Asia in 2018

The cross-Strait relationship will no longer be a bipolar game, but a multi-polar setting.

2017/12/29 | John Fei

China's Djibouti Base: What Is It Good For?

The base will provide a hub for China's naval diplomacy in the region as well as peacekeeping operations in Africa.

2017/12/21 | The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

PHOTO STORY: A Busy Year on the South China Sea

China continues its island-building campaign on the South China Sea under the watchful eye of satellites.

2017/12/20 |

Talk of a Northeast Asia Nuclear Arms Race Is Overdone and Unhelpful

Pyongyang is clearly in a hurry to develop its inter-continental ballistic missile capability, but responses in the region are measured and suggest an underlying culture of restraint.