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2016/10/01 | TNL Staff
South China Sea Watch No. 8
An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.
The Global Cost Of India-Pak Nuclear War
If India and Pakistan fought a war detonating 100 nuclear warheads, more than 21 million people would be directly killed, about half the world’s protective ozone layer would be destroyed.
2016/09/24 | TNL Staff
Cross-Strait Watch No. 6
An overview of the past week's developments in cross-Strait relations.
2016/09/21 | J. Michael Cole
To Terminate or Not? Taiwan’s ‘Cloud Peak’ Medium-Range Missile Program
A recent report by the ‘China Times’ claims Taiwan has decided to abandon efforts to develop a medium-range missile that could hit Beijing or Shanghai. While aborting the program would make sense, Taipei won’t be doing so for the reasons stated in the article.
2016/09/19 | Euan Graham
North Korea: Reaching for Armageddon
North Korea is in a rush to lock in nuclear gains before the next U.S. administration settles its new policy.
2016/09/14 | Euan Graham
Russia Over a South China Sea Barrel
Whatever Moscow’s diplomatic aims are for this week’s South China Sea exercise with China, the reality is the drill will do more to reveal contradictions in Russia’s regional approach.
2016/08/31 | Edward White
Chechen Hand in Thailand Bombings, Expert Says
International terrorists had a hand in helping local insurgent groups carry out the recent spate of bombings in Thailand, one expert believes.
2016/08/24 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Japan's Stance on Nuclear Weapons 'Twisted'
Prime Minister Abe needs to show that Japan is serious about seeking a world free of nuclear weapons.
2016/08/20 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Putin's Very Good Summer
It is not clear if Vladimir Putin understands the limits of Russia's power or Western patience. A miscalculation of either could prove disastrous.
2016/08/16 | The Japan Times
OPINION: Abe's Wrong Call on Dispute over U.S. Air Base in Okinawa
The Abe administration should realize that a court battle won't bring about a positive resolution to the Okinawa base dispute.
2016/08/11 | The Japan Times
OP-ED: A Veneer of Legitimacy for Thailand
Thailand's new constitution locks in the role of the military as the guiding force in Thai politics.
2016/08/10 | TNL Staff
Vietnam Deploys ‘State-of-the-Art’ Rocket Launchers in S China Sea
Vietnam is reported to have moved a new Israel-made rocket launcher to five areas in the Spratlys.
2016/08/08 | TNL Staff
South China Sea Watch No. 6
An overview of the past week's key developments in the South China Sea.
2016/08/04 | Edward White
Thailand Referendum a ‘Vote at the Barrel of a Gun'
Politicians from around Southeast Asia have hit out at the constitutional referendum taking place in Thailand on Sunday.
2016/08/01 | Yuan-ling Liang
Patriotic Taiwanese Fishermen Face Punishment Upon Return from Taiping
A group of patriotic Taiwanese fishermen who landed on the disputed Taiping Island a week ago returned to Taiwan today, only to learn they may be punished.
2016/07/25 | Edward White
ANALYSIS: Is Asia’s Terrorism Threat Level Rising?
Experts take stock of an increase in terrorist activity in Southeast Asia during the holy month of Ramadan, and a new report reveals a high number of Chinese joining Islamic State.