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2016/11/23 | Dennis Ignatius
The East is Red
Overdependence on China for investments and trade and the treachery of corrupt politicians have now rendered ASEAN completely vulnerable to Chinese hegemony, writes Dennis Ignatius.
2016/11/17 | Crispin Rovere
Yes, Trump is a Realist and No, This is Not Subjective
Donald Trump is perhaps the most realist of all candidates ever to be elected President of the United States, argues Crispin Rovere.
2016/11/11 | Hunter Marston
With President Trump, Beijing Trumps Washington
The election of Donald Trump to the White House now paves the way for Beijing to exert more influence and control in the region. It will also leave long-time allies nervous, and puts the U.S. at economic and strategic risk, writes Hunter Marston.
2016/11/10 | J. Michael Cole
A Taiwan Defense Blueprint for the Trump Era
J. Michael Cole's plan for Taiwan to increase its chances of surviving a possible U.S. retrenchment from Asia under President Trump.
2016/11/09 | Kerri Ng
U.S. Election Offers Little Hope for Okinawa
'It is likely that Trump’s foreign policies would be disastrous for both Japan and Okinawa.'
2016/11/07 | Cara Giaimo
The First People to Push the Panic Button Were Korean War Pilots
What started as a last-ditch safety tool became a way for soldiers to make fun of each other.
Is North Korea’s Nuclear Tech for Sale?
As North Korea's cash flows dry up, selling nuclear technology to the highest bidder - be it Syria, Lybia or even ISIS - may become a tantalizing option for the Kim regime.
2016/11/02 | Malaysiakini
'Tackling ISIS More Difficult than Tackling Communists'
Efforts in Europe and Asia have yet to determine the root cause of terrorism, according to a top Malaysian politician.
2016/11/01 | Sarosh Bana
India’s Leaky Submarines
After this debacle, it is clear that confidentiality and information security will be important factors in determining the outcome of future international military tenders.
China’s Secret Weapon in Space
China's space program will have important global geopolitical and geo-strategic implications.
2016/10/28 | The Japan Times
Japan Witholding Millions in UNESCO Contributions
If Japan is unhappy with the way UNESCO is run, it should present rational proposals to improve the operation from within instead of by resorting to financial pressures.
2016/10/28 | ZiQing Low
US-Taiwan Defense Conference Targeted by Chinese Hackers
High ranking members of the defense industry from both the U.S. and Taiwan were among the people targeted by the attack.
2016/10/28 | Malaysiakini
New Agency to Respond to Terrorism in Malaysia
A new multi-agency special force has been set up to respond to terrorist threats.
2016/10/27 | Lauren Dickey
Taiwan-Japan Ties Deepen amid Chinese Assertiveness
Closer albeit 'unofficial' ties between Tokyo and Taipei will have an impact on decisions in Beijing and Washington.
2016/10/26 | The Japan Times
Alarming Assault on the Internet in the U.S.
Last week's crippling cyberattacks in the U.S. are a harbinger of the digital future and the ever more visible vulnerabilities of a networked world.
2016/10/25 | David Dapice
How to Unify a Jaded Polity in Myanmar
Jade sales are now in billions of dollars each year. Neither the Kachin army nor the Myanmar military want to surrender access to the riches.