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2017/01/12 | TNL Staff
Tillerson Reaffirms Support for Taiwan, Likens South China Sea to Crimea
‘I think it is important that Taiwan knows we are going to live up to the commitments under the Relations Act and Six Issues Accord,’ Tillerson said.
2017/01/12 | David Brewster
China’s Pakistan Project: a Geopolitical Game-Changer
China’s role in the region may be about to fundamentally change.
2017/01/05 | David Prentice
OPINION: The Rohingya Alan Kurdi
Will the shocking photo of a dead Rohingya toddler bring attention to the plight of Burma’s Rohingya minority?
2017/01/04 | Sam Bateman
South China Sea Dramas Distract from Greater Dangers in Asia
China and the United States have a responsibility to temper their actions and rhetoric in the South China Sea and keep their eyes on the bigger global and regional pictures.
2017/01/03 | ZiQing Low
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2016/12/31 | Edward White
Taiwan to be Tested in 2017: President Tsai
Tsai Ing-wen today held her first major briefing and Q&A with the foreign press in Taipei.
2016/12/31 | John Costello
China's Cyber-Focused Military Unit Emerges from the Shadows
The 'Strategic Support Force' has become a force optimized for combat in space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic domain that will enhance the PLA’s capability to fight and win future information wars.
2016/12/28 | Edward White
Trump’s Unlikely Ally: The Chinese Dissident
A high-profile Chinese dissident sees U.S. President-elect Donald Trump as a potential game changer for human rights in China.
2016/12/28 | TNL Staff
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2016/12/23 | James Baron
Forgotten Hero: Remembering Sun Li-jen
'Indeed, dashing, brave and a natural leader of men, Sun was an immediate favorite with the British and the Americans, and one of the few Chinese commanders that the Allies saw as tactically adept. It was for these reasons that MacArthur, Rusk et al promoted Sun as the only way of staving off disaster in Taiwan.'