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2017/03/01 | Timothy S. Rich
China-North Korea Relations: Pitfalls and Possibilities
'An economically more secure North Korea has more to lose through a brinkmanship policy and may feel more willing to return to the Six Party Talks framework.'
2017/02/27 | Andrew Reid
BOOK REVIEW: The Populist Radical Right: A Reader
The book brings together seminal social science scholarship on the radical or extreme right in Western democracies produced between the early 1990s to the present day. The volume will leave readers better informed but far from optimistic about the challenges posed by the populist radical right today, finds Andrew Reid.
2017/02/23 | Edward White
ISIS Crowdsourcing ‘Lone Wolves’ Heightens Risks for Southeast Asia
With the advent of ISIS crowdsourcing, countering the organization’s expansion beyond the Middle East will be an arduous task.
2017/02/21 | Jeffrey Ordaniel
South China Sea a Chinese Lake?
'Since respect for international law in East Asia’s maritime commons is a vital U.S. national interest, Washington should take the lead and engage East Asia. Unilateralism can only do so much.'
2017/02/17 | Mo Tz-pin
North Korean Assassination Sends Waves Around the World
What does the death of Kim Jong-un’s big brother mean to North Korea, China and the US?
2017/02/17 | Timothy R. Heath
China Intensifies Effort to Dislodge US in Asia
An Epitaph for the Pivot: China is challenging U.S. power in Asia at its source: America’s role as a security provider.
2017/02/17 | Sourabh Gupta
Alternative Facts and the Threat in the South China Sea
China and the claimant states have made valuable progress in bilateral ties since the 2016 ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting in Laos. The Trump administration should support — not disturb — this progress, argues Sourabh Gupta.
2017/02/15 | The Japan Times
Scientists and Dual-use Technologies in Japan
Scientists in Japan are concerned with whether the results of their research will be used for the right purposes.
2017/02/15 | James Baron
Odd Couple: Fuxing's Flak Towers Provide Blast from Taiwan's Past
While the towers are unlikely to scoop an award for aesthetics, they provide a glimpse of a period of Taiwan's modern history that, like their embrasures, expands to offer a macroscopic view when probed.    
2017/02/14 | Hunter Marston
Lifting the Shadows on a Secret War
BOOK REVIEW: Joshua Kurlantzick's 'A Great Place to Have a War: America in Laos and the Birth of a Military CIA' (New York, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2017), reviewed by Hunter Marston.
2017/02/09 | Zhang Le
How China Will Ward Off an Attack of the Drones
Following high-profile near misses with aircraft, the country is working to combat the threat to security.