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2017/03/22 | The Japan Times
Japanese SDF Peacekeepers’ Logs Fiasco
The Japanese government should disclose relevant details of Japanese peacekeeping forces' activities in South Sudan to keep the public trust in its operation.
2017/03/21 | Peter Wood
Snapshot: China’s Eastern Theater Command
Despite the many changes that China’s military strategy has undergone, it is unlikely that the Eastern strategic direction will lose importance anytime soon.
2017/03/16 | Stellina Chen
CARTOON: Xi's 'Great Wall of Iron' to Safeguard Xinjiang?
The 'great wall of iron' comes after the Islamic State released a video featuring young Uighurs vowing to plant their flag in China and promising that 'blood will flow in rivers.'
2017/03/16 | Stephen Costello
Trump and Xi on Dangerous Ground Amid THAAD Blowback
Even a relatively inexperienced South Korean president, taking office after the policy upheavals of the past two decades, would not permit their administration to start under a cloud of subservience to China, to the United States or to their disgraced predecessor.
China’s Navy Gets a New Helmsman (Part 1): Spotlight on Vice Admiral Shen Jinlong
It remains unclear if Shen’s appointment to PLAN commander was influenced decisively by inter-service rivalry, a choice by Xi Jinping, the promotion system or some combination of factors.
2017/03/11 | Derek Grossman
Why China is Tolerating Vietnam’s South China Sea Activities
Beijing has chosen to tolerate recent Vietnamese construction activities in the South China Sea. But as tensions predictably rise in the South China Sea during the spring, China has a range of options to express its displeasure with Hanoi.
2017/03/09 | Jingdong Yuan
China's Defense Spending: What's Behind the Slowdown?
Beijing will continue to spend as appropriate on its defense, but at a level that won’t cause too much alarm and can't be used in "China threat" rhetoric.
2017/03/08 | The Japan Times
A ‘New Level’ of North Korean Threat
New measures are required to handle the North Korean nuclear threat.
2017/03/07 | Veasna Var
Cambodia Jumps on the China Defense Bandwagon
Cambodia favors Beijing because Chinese assistance comes without interference.