Researchers Call for Taiwan to Strengthen National Defense by Investing Locally

Andrew Maxey

At the 2019 Taipei Defense and Security Forum, researchers suggested the government to pursue Indigenous Military Programs to strengthen Taiwan's national defense.


How Should Taiwan Fix Its Broken Conscription System?

Andrew Maxey

Under China's increasing military threats, Taiwan's current conscription system only requires draftees to serve for 4 months without any substantial training. How would Taiwan respond to conflicts with an undertrained military?


US Arms Sales to Taiwan Indicate Tougher Attitude Towards China

Milo Hsieh

The Trump administration has approved a series of arms sales to Taiwan, indicating closer U.S.-Taiwan relations as well as a tougher attitude towards China.


Weak Military Training Leaves Taiwanese Draftees Unprepared for War

Allen Chen

Taiwan’s national defense is in a weak state because of its inefficient military training program for conscripted soldiers.


India Has Seized Kashmir, but Not the Hearts and Minds of Kashmiris


Beyond the geopolitics, it’s hard to see how India will win the hearts and minds of ordinary Kashmiris, who woke up on August 5 to find their Internet cut off.


Taiwan's Military Announces Its Newest Defense Program: 'Surrender Food'

Milo Hsieh

'This might work,' quipped one Chinese internet user, 'because PLA soldiers might die from laughing too hard.'


Explaining the Rumors About Taiwan's Planned F-16 Purchase From the US

TNL Staff

Answering some common questions on Taiwan's request to purchase F-16V fighter jets from the United States.

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