South China Sea: How to Enforce the Tribunal Decision?

Edward White

Enforcement of the international ruling in favor of the Philippines in the South China Sea dispute now depends on the international community, the lawyer representing the Philippines says.


Dhaka Terrorist Attack a Reminder on 'Soft Targets'

The Japan Times

The killings come as yet another reminder of the vulnerability of soft targets with lax security, as the Islamic State spreads terror across national borders.


Taiwan to Join Family of U.S.-Made AIM-9X Block II Missile Users

J. Michael Cole

‘The missile would have made Top Gun a very short movie.’


Missile Incident Propels New Round of Insanity in Taiwan’s Media

J. Michael Cole

Like other forces the world over, the Taiwanese military is prone to mistakes. While it should be pressured to improve its performance, repeated public humiliation isn’t the way to reach that goal.


Cross-Strait Watch No. 3

Shuhei Omi

An overview of key developments in relations between Taiwan and China this week.


UPDATED: Taiwanese Navy ‘Mistakenly’ Fires ‘Carrier Killer’ Cruise Missile, Killing 1 Fisherman

J. Michael Cole

One fisherman was killed and three injured in the incident. The Navy is conducting an investigation.


More Dogs Could Be Killed After Video Hanging Controversy

Shuhei Omi

The public backlash over a video clip showing Taiwanese marines abusing and killing a dog earlier this week could have unintended consequences: more euthanasias.

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