Survey: What Is the Greatest National Security Threat to South Koreans?

Ian Milden

The United States, North Korea, and Japan all seem equally threatening in the eyes of South Koreans, a new survey finds.


Increased China Warplane Activity Unnerves Taiwan

Voice of America

The Ministry of National Defense in Taipei says a total 27 Chinese aircraft crossed into Taiwanese airspace Friday and Saturday.

端午節前夕 粽子業者忙碌(1)

OPINION: In Defense of Dragon Boat Festival

TJ Ting

This Dragon Boat Festival, we must remember not to conflate a cultural tradition with a nation, country, or government.


North Korea Military May Become Hotbed of Coronavirus Infections

Voice of America

Defectors said crowded, often unhygienic barracks and soldiers' poor diet could lead to a rapid spread of the coronavirus, which in turn could pose a serious threat to North Korea's regime stability.


Taiwan's Election Campaigns Paused After Helicopter Crash Kills Top Military Officer

Daphne K. Lee

A helicopter crash on Thursday killed Taiwan's military chief of staff and seven others only days ahead of the general election. Presidential and legislative candidate have paused their campaigning activities.


China Sails New Aircraft Carrier Through Taiwan Strait

Deutsche Welle

Beijing has sent its first Chinese-built aircraft carrier through the Taiwan Strait. With presidential elections in Taiwan weeks away, officials there have criticized the maneuvers as an intimidation tactic.


Vietnam Confronts China’s Maritime Interference

East Asia Forum

Vietnam has publicly condemned China’s increasingly aggressive maritime intrusion on several occasions while its ASEAN partners are pursuing quiet diplomacy.

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