China Is Increasing Taiwan Airspace Incursions

Voice of America

By making near-daily incursions, experts say China is normalizing its aggression and militarization.


Beijing’s Line on the South China Sea: “Nothing To See Here”

The Interpreter

China’s official denials of growing military capability in the region look a lot like gaslighting.


Taiwan Grounds F-16 Fighter Jets After One Goes Missing

TNL Staff

The training accident, the fifth this year, marks Taiwan’s third military aircraft crash in 2020.


Experts Say Taiwan Needs More Homegrown Military Efforts

Voice of America

Though Washington plans a new round of weapons sales to Taiwan, defense analysts say that the country needs to further develop its domestic arms industry and enhance its reserve system.


Survey: What Is the Greatest National Security Threat to South Koreans?

Ian Milden

The United States, North Korea, and Japan all seem equally threatening in the eyes of South Koreans, a new survey finds.


Increased China Warplane Activity Unnerves Taiwan

Voice of America

The Ministry of National Defense in Taipei says a total 27 Chinese aircraft crossed into Taiwanese airspace Friday and Saturday.

端午節前夕 粽子業者忙碌(1)

OPINION: In Defense of Dragon Boat Festival

TJ Ting

This Dragon Boat Festival, we must remember not to conflate a cultural tradition with a nation, country, or government.

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