蔡總統:民眾服1年義務役 絕不是浪費時間

Taiwan’s Military Conscription in 2024

Ian Murphy

Taiwan needs to overhaul its current training methods in accordance with the Overall Defense Concept to make the most out of the reform taking place in 2024.


Did China’s Balloon Violate International Law?

The Conversation

While balloons may no longer be valued for their war-fighting ability, they retain a unique capacity to undertake surveillance.


Overall Defense Concept Reshapes Taiwan’s Views on Defense Against China

Ian Murphy

The Overall Defense Concept, a proposal by Taiwanese admiral Lee Hsi-ming, may be what Taiwan needs to prevent China from taking over its shores.


How Worried Is Taiwan About Chinese Invasion?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows the Taiwanese public is far less concerned about a Chinese invasion than citizens of other countries in the region.


Taiwan Ex-military Chief Urges Combat Preparedness Amid Rising China Threats

Deutsche Welle

Former top Taiwanese defense official Admiral Lee Hsi-ming says he is concerned that forces are not ready to fight off China, and that a new defense concept is needed.


China Says Military Drills Around Taiwan Will Continue

Deutsche Welle

Several days of activity have disrupted shipping and air travel, with Taiwan saying the move amounts to a blockade.


Taiwan Mulls Lengthening Military Service

Voice of America

Analysts believe Taiwan’s ability and commitment to defend itself has been questioned in both Beijing and Washington and improving mandatory military service would send a clear signal to both that it is prepared.

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