China Says Military Drills Around Taiwan Will Continue

Deutsche Welle

Several days of activity have disrupted shipping and air travel, with Taiwan saying the move amounts to a blockade.


Taiwan Mulls Lengthening Military Service

Voice of America

Analysts believe Taiwan’s ability and commitment to defend itself has been questioned in both Beijing and Washington and improving mandatory military service would send a clear signal to both that it is prepared.


What the Chinese and U.S. Militaries Have in Common

Jonah Walters

The convergence between Chinese and U.S military recruitment highlights an obvious, if rarely acknowledged, reality. Two of the largest standing armies in the world, the militaries have more in common than their leaders tend to admit.


Military Conscription Can’t Deliver Geopolitical Security — in Taiwan, Ukraine, or Anywhere Else

Jonah Walters

If the goal is to establish durable conditions of geopolitical security, the only hope for Taiwan is the emergence of an international diplomatic regime committed to the mutual draw-down of military capacity worldwide, through which all countries, especially China, Russia, and the United States, would be compelled to gradually diminish their own standing armies.


The Legal Case For Defending Taiwan

The Interpreter

If a narrow interpretation of international law saw China attack Taiwan, a League of Nations-style crisis would ensue.


Would a War Over Taiwan Be Legal?

The Interpreter

International law defines statehood and provides the rules of war, but ambiguities abound in the case of Taiwan.


A New Weapon? Chinese Ships Dredge in Waters Claimed by Taiwan

Voice of America

The number of Chinese dredgers in Taiwanese waters has increased over the past few years as illegal dredging intensifies.

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