OPINION: Taiwan Must Come to its Own Defense

Adam Hatch

If Taiwan is so outclassed militarily, why should Taipei bother with military expenditures at all?


How will the US React to China's First Overseas Military Base?

Michael Edward Walsh

American officials are increasingly frustrated by the way that Chinese military officials approach their interactions with their U.S. counterparts.


Myanmar's Military Will Ultimately Decide the Fate of the Rohingya

Andrew Selth

Myanmar's generals are unlikely to be persuaded to change their long term goals by anything the international community might say or do.


South Korea Knows Shockingly Little about the North

Martin Weiser

Given the urgent demand for North Korean expertise, why are potential treasure-troves of information being ignored?


Views from Inside China on Mugabe's Fall from Grace

Oiwan Lam

China had been political allies with Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe until the leader stepped down. The reaction inside China has been mixed.


Cooler Heads Prevail in SK-China Missile Defense Spat

Jeongseok Lee

With the THAAD issue largely settled, politics on the Korean peninsula just got a little less complicated.


Russia is Vying for Power in the South Pacific

Olga Krasnyak

Those engaged in Pacific affairs should seek to understand what kind of strings Russia might be tying in the region, and what consequences might follow.

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