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Taiwan’s Drone Defense: From Dependence to Dominance 

Ian Murphy

Modern warfare is evolving as smaller, asymmetric systems become more prevalent. Advances in technology have made it possible to develop smaller, more lethal weapons systems.


US Warns China Cost for Blockading Taiwan to Be ‘Very High’

Voice of America

The United States doubts that China would launch a blockade of Taiwan, as it would have severe economic consequences and risk international opposition.


Taiwan Reports Over 100 Chinese Warplanes Near Island

Deutsche Welle

Taiwan's defense ministry has called on China to cease its "destructive, unilateral action" after reporting that 103 warplanes were sent towards the island over a 24-hour period.

GettyImages-1557831294 (1).jpg

China and Wagner in Africa: Friends or Foes?

Voice of America

As Russian military troop Wagner Group sets in and supports the local junta, China faces a complex position - their economic projects may steadily reap with Russia’s security control or become diluted in competition.


What Beijing’s Muted Response to Wagner Mutiny Tells Us About China-Russia Relations – And What It Doesn’t

The Conversation

It’s hard to overstate how what happens in Russia has historically shaped thinking in China about their own country. But many in China may wonder how much they have in common with Russia today.


China’s Waning Leverage Over South Korea Lessens Chances of Retaliation Against THAAD, Experts Say

Voice of America

Even with its reduced economic leverage, experts said China would likely continue its military aggression to exert leverage over South Korea.


Can China Help Bring Peace to Myanmar?

East Asia Forum

When the dust finally settles in Myanmar, its people will rightly ask who sustained the reviled military regime. Right now, the answer is that Beijing offered ‘friendship’ to the coup-makers, an irony for a Communist Party so committed to regime and institutional stability.

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