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2018/02/02 | Jeffrey Hutton
On the Front Line with Indonesia's Transgender Community
Amid an increasingly conservative national mood, Indonesia's transgender community is once again on the front line in the battle against intolerance.
2018/01/30 | TNL Staff
BOOK EXCERPT: How Taiwan Changed a Xinjiang Mother
My mom’s trip to Taiwan was a major turning point in her life, opening up a new travel-obsessed chapter. In her old pictures she’d be looking askance, lips shut, not a trace of a smile. Now she looks right at the camera, mouth wide in a smile. She even throws up a peace sign every now and then.
2018/01/28 | Pan Suiming
Not Enough is Known about China's Modern Drug Use
The number of drug users in China increased substantially from 2010 to 2015; there is no evidence that this figure will stop growing.
2018/01/23 | James X. Morris
Destruction of New Taipei's Xindian Cemetery Risks Catastrophic Cultural Loss
The first half of the cemetery was unceremoniously buried in 2016, now the battle is on to rescue and preserve what remains.
2018/01/21 | TNL Staff
Week in Focus: Joshua Wong Heads Back to Jail
Freedom around the region defined the week as Joshua Wong again provided a focus for the decline of liberty in Hong Kong.
PHOTO STORY: Love Commandos, Marrying for Love in India
In India, young lovers threatened with honor crimes are finding solace with a voluntary organization dedicated to rescuing them.
2018/01/16 | Jules Quartly
Taiwan's Road Safety Reports Mask a Worsening Record
Taiwan is a famously safe place to live, work and travel. Yet crossing the road or driving a scooter is like dicing with death.
2018/01/15 | Du Peipei
China Is Trialing a Market-based Approach to Dealing with Illegal Structures
A pioneering community in Nanjing is trialing a market-based approach to rezoning public spaces.
2018/01/14 | Morley J Weston
OPINION: Taiwan Should Abandon the Illusion of the 7-Day Week
Protests against Taiwan's labor law amendments are wide off the mark — Taiwan needs to fundamentally rethink its calendar.
2017/12/31 | Shi Fulong
As a Lawyer, the 'Fake Divorces' I Have Handled
Temporary separations allow wealthy couples to sink more money into the urban property market.
2017/12/29 | William Yang
PHOTO STORY: Tainan's Architecture is Something Special
Tainan's focus on preserving its traditional Taiwanese architecture is a beacon of hope in an ocean of soulless modernity.