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2018/07/06 | If Lin
Media Analysis on Perceptions of Worsening Social Order in Taiwan
Availability bias lies at the root of the feeling that there are more murders happening in Taiwan.
2018/07/05 | TIME
'Nothing Off the Table' in Race to Rescue Trapped Thai Cave Kids
The race is on to get the boys and their coach out of the cave before monsoon rains prevent their escape.
2018/06/24 | The Conversation
The Joy of Chopsticks and Other 'Unconventional' Dining Experiences
Eating and performing other mundane activities in a novel way can significantly enhance your enjoyment of them.
2018/06/17 | Leora Joy
Taipei and the Tactics of Everyday Life
Creative resistance allows residents to make their cities work for them in surprising ways.
2018/06/14 | Michael Beltran
A Gospel for the Barrios: The Philippines' Unshakable Sister Patricia Fox
The Australian nun's story of state-led persecution at the hands of the president himself throws into sharp relief what it means to be a missionary and a Filipino.
2018/06/08 | Greg Brost
Taiwan Rescue Dog Spreads Love Around the World
A rescued puppy captures a visiting couple's love for Taiwan.
2018/06/08 | Ralph Jennings
Stray Dogs Hound Taiwan after Euthanasia Ban Takes Effect
Well intentioned legislation is leading to an increase in stray and abandoned dogs.
Wage Cuts Drive China's Online Food Delivery Workers to Strike
Workers around China are protesting against wages cuts and poor working conditions amid cut-throat competition in the online food delivery market.
2018/06/06 | Eryk Smith
Kaohsiung's Light Rail: The Little Engine That Couldn’t?
Kaohsiung’s high-tech light rail has been hit by low ridership and NIMBY protests.
2018/05/25 | Global Voices
Japan's Hot Springs Open Up to LGBT Community
A pioneering project is bringing a community together to make the hot spring experience pleasurable for everyone.