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2017/12/13 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Time for Kaohsiung to Wage War against Pollution
Taiwan's southern city needs to change it's culture of helplessness.
2017/12/11 | Jay Lin
OPINION: Is Taiwan Really a Beacon for LGBT Rights in Asia?
Taiwan's LGBT community has an easier time than many, but more needs to be done for such progress to receive international recognition.
2017/11/27 | Eryk Smith
OPINION: Hanyu Pinyin Should Not Be Political, Kaohsiung
Eryk Smith rails against the unconventional spellings that plague Taiwan's southern streets.
2017/11/27 | David Frazier
Hong Kong's Clockenflap Is Taking Off
Hong Kong's rock festival scene is catching up with Japan but is becoming predictably commercialized.
2017/11/17 | Ming-chun Ku
Behold the Sea Goddess: Matsu Worship, Tourism and Cross-Strait Relations
Long banned, worship of Matsu is making a comeback in China under official auspices.
2017/11/16 | Jane W. Wang
Can We Pull Taiwan Out of Its Identity Crisis?
Taiwan aspires to be the global innovation hub of Asia while driving globally-minded talent away with low salaries and conservative work cultures. How can current globally-minded talent battle disillusionment?
2017/11/13 | David Green
DPP Bows to Big Business as Tsai Fails to Uphold Pledge to Protect Workers
After 2016 changes to the Labor Standards Act drew criticism for inflexibility and high costs, the latest round of changes give too much power back to bosses, leaving shift workers such as nurses and drivers particularly vulnerable.
2017/11/13 | Leora Joy
REVIEW: Spectrosynthesis Exhibition: Is this LGBTQ Rainbow Fragmented?
The exhibition in Taipei aimed to improve the condition of human rights in Taiwan and other Asian societies through dialogue about diverse gender issues, but opened questions about equal representation within minority groups.
2017/11/11 | Darice D. Chang
Women in Power: Reflections on Gender Politics From Taipei to Lhasa
Three prominent women speak on the problems faced by women in Tibet's government-in-exile and address the history and progress of gender equality in Taiwan.
2017/11/09 | Jeffrey Warner
Fashion as Activism: Fusing Indigenous Textiles with the Modern World
A blend of high fashion and tradition is helping some Taiwan indigenous groups reinvigorate and restore their millennia-old cultural heritage.
2017/11/06 | Leora Joy
'XConfessions' Film Review: Let's Talk about Lust 
The popularity of Erika Lust's 'XConfessions' — short erotic films made by a woman for women — at the recent Women Make Waves Film Festival in Taipei shows the time is now to open a conversation about how women engage with pornography.