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2018/05/04 | Nick Aspinwall
Taiwan Protests Ignite Calls for Centralized Labor, Fire Safety Regulations
In the aftermath of Saturday’s Chin Poon fire, workers’ rights and firefighter’s groups are demanding a streamlined approach to safety at industrial sites – and are calling on Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor to step up.
2018/05/04 | Atlas Obscura
Inside Indonesia's Visionary Chicken Church
A peek inside Java's Gereja Ayam, a devoted man's enduring contribution to folk architecture.
2018/04/30 | Olivia Contini
Breakfasting in the Past at Taipei's Cisheng Temple
Some of Taipei's more esoteric food traditions are quickly disappearing, but the temple and surrounds offer an unmissable opportunity to slurp braised intestines and other old school treats.
2018/04/27 | Nick Aspinwall
Taiwan Labor Ministry's Brokerage Evaluation Sparks Concern
The labor agency's yearly assessment of migrant worker broker firms is underway, but a recent protest has renewed sentiments that the brokerage system is unethical by design.
2018/04/20 | Olivia Contini
Guangzhou's 'Food Bus' Offers Travelers a Taste of Town
Fifteen famous restaurants in China's southern city are connected by a new bus route.
2018/04/09 | Michael Beltran
OPINION: Duterte Bets on Chinese Corporates over Locals with Boracay Shutdown
President Duterte's order to close Boracay rides roughshod over local business and indigenous rights.
2018/04/06 | Siok Hui Leong
TAIPEI: Riding Toward a More Liveable City
In 2016, Taipei hosted the world’s premier cycling conference and plugged bike-commuting as a green transportation option. Two years on, is Taipei any closer to emulating cycling capitals around the world?
2018/04/03 | TIME
FEATURE: China's Bicycle Apocalypse Is Here
China's failed bike sharing programs have left a wave of rusted steel across the country.
2018/04/01 | Atlas Obscura
China's Water Wars: Debate Rages over Right Temperature to Drink Water
Nowhere else in the world is the temperature water should be consumed as hotly debated as in China.
2018/03/24 | Olivia Contini
Hong Kong Food: An Origin Story
From 1950s diners to mystery street side marinades, Hong Kong food is a melting pot of international influences.