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2016/06/29 | Chang Shin-wei

Working Sunday? Employers Threaten to Walk from Labor Negotiations

As employers threaten to walk from negotiations over worker rights in Taiwan, some politicians say the high expectations of the DPP-led government are not being met.

2016/06/28 | Yuan-ling Liang

Expat Wants Single Women in Taiwan to Have Right to IVF

Single women are unable to receive IVF treatment in Taiwan, but an American expat is calling for a change.

2019/12/04 | 廣編企劃

Five Things You Should Know About “Motorbike Electrification” with the Advent of the New Motorbike Era

Taiwan, known as the “kingdom of motorbikes,” not only has a mature motorbike supply chain, but also is an important ICT industry export nation. However, the government resorted to “the coexistence and co-prosperity of gasoline & electric powered vehicles”. What are the blind spots of such a practice?

2016/06/28 | Olivia Yang

Brewing A Title: Taiwan Barista Crowned World Champion

What's the key to brewing a world-class cup of coffee? One Taiwanese holds it.

2016/06/27 | Bing-sheng Lee

Lu Yen-hsun Becomes Taiwan’s First ATP Players' Representative

Taiwan’s most successful male tennis player promises to devote his energies to improving players’ benefits and to pay special attention to issues regarding Asian players.

2017/01/25 | 廣編企劃

Carrefour Brings Back the Good Old Days

Changing an industry is a step-by-step process. First we identify our customers’ problems and then improve on them. We keep improving our service because we really care about our customers’ needs. What we want is to bring back that ‘good old day’ feeling when you shop with your family in our stores.

2016/06/27 | Tao Tao Holmes

Secret Missionaries and Smuggled Bibles: China's Religious Boom

Is China’s changing religious landscape a “spiritual crisis,” as some have said, or a spiritual miracle? 

2016/05/20 | 廣編企劃

Think You Know Chiayi? Check Out These Fun Facts!

How much do you know about Chiayi? Let's get to know Chiayi with the city's historical and geographic background along with some fun facts!

2016/06/24 | Olivia Yang

Exhibition Wants You To Think Twice About What You Eat

We all enjoy eating, but what are the social responsibilities that come with it?

2016/06/23 | Yuan-ling Liang

Cooking With Taiwanese Memory: The Famous Tatung Electric Pot

The pot has accompanied Taiwanese families and students abroad for more than a half century.

2016/05/06 | 廣編企劃

Tired of all the Secret Spots in Taiwan? Come Broaden Your Horizons!

Since the trial operation of the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum began, the daily free admission of 1,000 visitors has increased to 1,750 visitors. The number was even bumped up to 5,000 visitors during spring break...

2016/06/23 | Jules Quartly

Global Zika Threat Stimulates Dengue Prevention in Taiwan

Taiwan is redoubling efforts to halt the spread of dengue fever, which has hit the southern part of the island hard over the past two years.

2016/06/23 | David Willson

Uber: More than its Controversy

I admire the way in which Uber Taiwan has integrated the social good that it does completely into who they are as a company and for me this makes them an outstanding example of strategic corporate social responsibility.

2016/06/23 | Shuhei Omi

Yulin Dog Festival: Western Criticism vs. Local Patriotism

The controversial Yulin Dog Festival kicked off on Monday amid an outpour of opposition from U.S. celebrities. But how is China reacting?

2016/06/23 | Olivia Yang

Taiwan Railway System Makes It to U.S. Video Awards

Iron pathways are not the only feature of Taiwan to have been showcased on U.S. television in series that went on to win prestigious awards.

2016/06/22 | Olivia Yang

Foreign Student Launches No More Free Plastic Bags Campaign in Taiwan

Every year, Taiwanese use a total of more that 20 billion plastic bags, nearly four times the quantity in the entire European Union.

2016/06/22 | Xiaochen Su

Taiwan Luxury Mega Club Absurdities vs. African Dance Bars

Local dance bars in Tanzania beat every high-end nightspot in Taiwan and Asia. 

2016/06/20 | Bing-sheng Lee

Legislators Call For Supervision of Taiwan's Cosplay Culture

With more and more cosplayers crowding the streets in Taiwan each year, does the subculture need protection, and does it violate copyright laws?

2016/06/20 | Olivia Yang

Taipei Film Festival Mixing It Up With Bowie, Hitchcock, and Léaud

A prominent venue for the premiering and screening of emerging Asian films, this year's Taipei Film Festival features a series of global icons from the movie industry.