Taiwan's Best Craft Beers for Summer 2020

every little d

From Taiwan's Valencia Oranges to the "red meat" watermelons, these beers are the answer to your longings for a Taiwanese summer beer.


Today, South Koreans Celebrate One of Their 13 Annual Valentine's Days

Chen Ching-de

May 14 marks one of South Korea's 13 annual Valentine's Days. What is this monthly ritual really about?


The Design Concepts Behind Taiwan's Inaugural Beer and Stamps

every little d

Taiwan's presidential inauguration is traditionally celebrated with commemorative stamps and a special design of Taiwan Beer. This practice into groundbreaking territory, showing appreciation for contemporary design and representing Taiwan's democratic pluralism.


6 Taiwanese Drama Series Available on Netflix Now

Daphne K. Lee

Taiwan's TV dramas seem to gone through a relative dry spell. Here are some exceptions.


Everything You Need to Know About Taiwan’s Baseball Teams

Sean Kramer

A guide to choosing a team to support for Taiwan's 2020 CPBL season.


Roots of Life and Music in Yilan

Luke Hein

Jipo, a sheng player from Yilan County in Taiwan, forsook a career in the capital to make music with his community.


Why Dalgona Coffee Is the Quarantine Drink of Choice

The Conversation

Dalgona coffee, reportedly named after a South Korean candy, has taken social media by storm. It has everything to do with our current Covid-19 induced isolation.

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