The Scholar Spreading Vietnamese Culture Through Food


Linh Nguyen shares her insights on the Vietnamese cooking culture.


Backstage With China’s Smooth-Talking Emcees

Kenrick Davis

With booming voices and winning smiles, commercial event hosts chase fame and fortune in a shrinking offline industry.


Orthodox Churches, Unorthodox Histories in China’s Far Northeast

Ma Te

In icy Harbin, a smattering of crumbling onion domes unmasks the city’s past life as a melting pot of European, Russian and Chinese culture.


Robin, the Taiwanese Chatbot Using AI to Talk to Customers in the Local Lingo

Rosemary Chen

'The reason that chatbots are popular right now is not only due to technical innovation, but even more so due to the social media revolution,' says Professor Lee Hung-yi.


Saigon’s Craft Beer Scene Striking Balance Between Foreign Brews and Vietnamese Tastes


Since the city’s first craft beer bar opened two years ago, Saigoneers’ thirst for these new and different local brews has grown exponentially.


Beijing's Elderly Lose Homes to Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Chen Na

Senior citizens are left homeless after mortgaging their family property in exchange for high-interest investment products.

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