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2017/03/26 | Zhou Hongcheng
Why the Chinese Are Still Not Sweet on Chocolate
Pitching European-style products as luxury brands won’t change sugar-shunning consumer habits.
2017/03/22 | FORTUNE
Warner Bros. Films Like ‘Harry Potter’ Are Coming to China’s Netflix
Chinese streaming giant iQiyi now owns streaming rights to about 200 Warner Bros. movies like 'Harry Potter' and 'Gravity.'
2017/03/21 | Olivia Yang
Q&A with Creator of Taipei's First Bilingual 'Design Guidebook'
'Good Eye Taipei' is a collection of 300 locations to visit in Taipei and includes features on Taiwanese society and culture.
2017/03/21 | Sarita Santoshini
Why A Rich, Orderly Himalayan State Has India’s Highest Suicide Rate
“The government wants Sikkim to be known as a pollution-free, disease-free state. But I work with young men and women every day, and they are constantly struggling,” Bhutia said. “Sikkim will lose its people if it doesn’t act now.”
2017/03/20 | FORTUNE
China’s New Craft-Beer Bully
The global giant that owns Budweiser wants to dominate the craft-beer market in China.
2017/03/20 | Matthew Fulco
Trouble for Taiwan’s Paradise
With casino gaming off the table, the economy of the idyllic offshore islands of Penghu is more dependent than ever on shaky seasonal tourism.
2017/03/19 | Cinema Escapist
INTERVIEW: Bridging China and the West Through Documentaries
Zhao Qi is a Chinese producer and director who has helped bring four documentaries to Sundance Film Festival —including 2015's "The Chinese Mayor."
2017/03/19 | Steven Crook
The Taiwanese Hamburger Goes Global
'Taiwan’s culinary scene is nothing if not inventive, so it’s no surprise dozens of guabao variations are available.'
Origins of Taiwanese Fusion Cuisine: It's Not That Simple
Taiwan is a melting pot of food cultures, whose unique cuisine comes from a long history of colonization.
2017/03/17 | David Green
This Startup Wants You to Make Money by Advertising to Your Friends on Facebook
‘It’s like instant happiness.’ Or so says the entrepreneur behind an app that pays people to post adverts or advertise e-commerce deals on social media.
My Life with Formosan Dogs
"If there are families in the U.S. or Canada willing to give one of our rescues a home, who are we to turn them away and not give that dog a better life?" said Liza Milne of Mary’s Doggies, a dog rescue organization in Taiwan.
2017/03/12 | Justin Nobel
How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow, Japanese Style
Snow Canyon in Toyama is both visually stunning and quite the technical feat.
2017/03/10 | Yu Xueyi
Why I Quit Alibaba’s Big Push Toward Countryside Commerce
Rural Taobao bills itself as good for business, but actually couldn’t care less about helping farmers make money.
2017/03/08 | Guo Yu
Chinese Dads, It’s Time For You to Start Acting Like Parents
Policy change aimed at relieving the pressures of raising kids will only work if fathers involve themselves more in child care.
2017/03/07 | TNL Staff
INFOGRAPHIC: How Many Calories Can You Burn By Cycling in Taipei?
Check out how many calories you can lose with cycling around Taipei.
2017/03/04 | Lauren Young
When Bowling Was a Sport Reserved for Royalty
King Henry VIII of England in the 1500s famously banned commoners from participating in bowling.
RECIPE: Taiwanese Style Chicken Salad
If it's too dangerously hot to cook or bake, take this cool chicken salad with you!