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2020/07/10 | every little d
Animal Crossing Movies May Be the Next Big Trend in Video Gaming
Beneath all the attention on eGamers and Twitch streams, there has been a rise in new professions within the gaming industry. In-game photographers, and video game directors are at the vanguard of the industries increasing focus on art.
2020/06/25 | TJ Ting
OPINION: In Defense of Dragon Boat Festival
This Dragon Boat Festival, we must remember not to conflate a cultural tradition with a nation, country, or government.
2020/06/24 | TAIPEI
Your Guide to Taipei’s Dragon Boat Festival
No spectators are allowed at the dragon boat competition this year, but you can watch the race online or on TV. And feel free to devour all the rice dumplings you can.
2020/06/19 | Syrena Lin
Taiwan’s Civil War... Over Rice Dumplings
What is Taiwan's eternal debate over Northern and Southern rice dumplings about?
2020/06/19 | TAIPEI
Beat the Taipei Heat This Summer With These 5 Family-Friendly Outdoor Destinations
Are you looking for places to go in Taipei besides your air-conditioned living room during the excruciatingly hot summer? Here are some family-friendly destinations where you can enjoy some outdoor fun and cool off.
2020/06/18 | TAIPEI
Taiwanese 'Teatime': Take a Break With the Island's Sweets and Treats
Taiwan has so many snacks to offer that you can find anything — from sweet to savory — to satisfy your taste palette.
7 Must-Visit Seaside Sights in Pingtung, Southern Taiwan
The sea is perhaps Pingtung's greatest attraction. As the summer travel season arrives, here are some must-see seaside vistas.
2020/06/09 | Daphne K. Lee
One Year On, Hongkongers Changed but Unmoved
On the one year anniversary of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, the media's rush to pronounce the "end of Hong Kong" doesn't consider the changes the protest has brought about among Hongkongers — or the long term.
2020/06/01 | Voice of America
On US College Campuses, Student Groups Call for Closure of Beijing-Funded Confucius Institutes
An open letter from two major U.S. college political organizations has called for the closure of Confucius Institutes, citing the threat the institutes pose to academic freedom.
2020/05/28 | Syrena Lin
The Women Behind MOWES, Taipei’s Inclusive Community Space
MOWES offers fitness, art, and language classes. However, the community space has been struggling with lower attendance rates and postponed grants under Covid-19.
2020/05/27 | Nicholas Haggerty
What Does It Mean to Be an Expat, Anyway?
Foreigners, expats, immigrants, migrant workers. Will these class labels have the same meaning in the post-pandemic world?
2020/05/26 | Syrena Lin
Can Social Distancing Free Us From Networking?
As social activities are at an all-time low, are we realizing that social events and networking are overrated and mostly unnecessary?
Muslims in Taiwan Celebrate End of Ramadan Under Major Changes
Muslims in Taiwan marked the end of Ramadan on Sunday. Taiwan's Covid-19 response allowed for relatively open celebrations, but social distancing measures and employer restrictions remained obstacles for many.
2020/05/22 | Brian Hioe
Will Taiwan Still Be the 'Orphan of Asia' After Covid-19?
“As the world burns, Taiwan soldiers on” is our collective experience of the pandemic. Will this make Taiwan even more isolated or connected than before?
2020/05/15 | every little d
Taiwan's Best Craft Beers for Summer 2020
From Taiwan's Valencia Oranges to the "red meat" watermelons, these beers are the answer to your longings for a Taiwanese summer beer.
2020/05/14 | Chen Ching-de
Today, South Koreans Celebrate One of Their 13 Annual Valentine's Days
May 14 marks one of South Korea's 13 annual Valentine's Days. What is this monthly ritual really about?
2020/05/14 | every little d
The Design Concepts Behind Taiwan's Inaugural Beer and Stamps
Taiwan's presidential inauguration is traditionally celebrated with commemorative stamps and a special design of Taiwan Beer. This practice into groundbreaking territory, showing appreciation for contemporary design and representing Taiwan's democratic pluralism.
2020/05/06 | Daphne K. Lee
6 Taiwanese Drama Series Available on Netflix Now
Taiwan's TV dramas seem to gone through a relative dry spell. Here are some exceptions.