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2017/05/29 | TNL Staff
ILLUSTRATION: 5 Traditional Desserts in Taiwan
The News Lens shares five common traditional Taiwanese desserts.
2017/05/28 | Saigoneer
Viet Rap Meets French Hip-Hop
As Vietnam’s underground hip-hop scene begins to emerge into the spotlight, one of its rising stars joins forces with an up-and-coming foreign artist to create a track for worldwide release.
The Allure of Joget Gamelan
The project draws together the successors of the last royal dancers and musicians of the Terengganu court tradition with local school students residing in Kota Terengganu.
2017/05/21 | Simon Chadwick
European Clubs Search for the Goal in China’s Football Frontier
Collaboration is key for Europe’s football giants if they want to be on the winning side in China, Simon Chadwick writes.
2017/05/18 | Olivia Yang
Q&A: Pointimize, the Startup Making it Easy to Use Your Credit Card Rewards for Travel
'What we want to do is compile all the information on what hotels and flights you can redeem with your credit card reward points,' says Keith Wang, co-founder and CEO of Pointimize.
2017/05/12 | Olivia Yang
Q&A: U-GYM, The Portable Deep Massager from Taiwan
Lack of restoration and maintenance after working out can lead to serious injuries, and Taiwan startup U-GYM is aiming to help in maintaining daily health care.
2017/05/11 | James Baron
In the Shade: Exploring Taipei's 'Little Indonesia'
Check out the mouth-watering offerings and curious bicultural idiosyncrasies in Taipei's little slice of Jakarta.
2017/05/11 | Kuan Chen
Fancy a Helmet with that YouBike?
Would you miss the feeling of wind blowing through your hair as you cruise the streets of Taipei?
2017/05/06 | TNL Staff
ILLUSTRATION: 5 Traditional Breakfasts in Taiwan
The News Lens shares five common traditional Taiwanese breakfasts.
2017/05/04 | Huang Wei
Why Tea Lovers Can No Longer Be Picky About Their Leaves
Rising labor costs and changing consumer trends are making high-end tea prices steeper and steeper.
2017/04/30 | Matthew Walsh
Why Chinese Nationalists Have a Homophobia Problem
Prejudiced patriots are using supposedly traditional values to ostracize the LGBT community.
2017/04/29 | Simon Chadwick
China’s World Cup Bid: Playing for Time
Will China really have the patience to wait 20 years to realize its World Cup dream? Simon Chadwick takes a look at the bidding game.
2017/04/25 | TNL 編輯
Six Unique Libraries Worth Visiting in Taipei
Good Eye Taipei’s recommendations for Taipei’s best places to soak in the charm of libraries.