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2016/05/17 | TNL 編輯
Ban on Indonesian Domestic Workers Posing Threat to Taiwan's Aging Society
Taiwan’s aging society relies highly on domestic workers from Indonesia. However, Indonesian officials are restricting their citizens from working as laborers without professional skills overseas and may pose as a threat to the long-term care system in Taiwan.
2016/05/03 | TNL 編輯
Taiwan Discovers New Drug to Stop Breast Cancer Spreading
Taiwan’s Academia Sinica has discovered a new material that can reduce the possibility of cancer cells spreading, lowering the risk of death after a tumor has been removed.
2016/02/24 | Zou Chi
14 Taiwanese People Die Of H1N1 In A Week; CDC Giving Out Free Medication
Remember the H1N1 panic in 2010? A new type of H1N1 has been spreading this winter and the CDC is implementing precaution methods before it gets even more serious.
2016/02/21 | Zou Chi
Breast Cancer Vaccine Trials Prove Scientific Success, But Not Legal
The results of a blind trial on a newly developed breast cancer vaccine, OBI-822, bear scientific and medical importance, but the drug is not allowed a permit under current regulations because it did not pass clinical trials. If OBI-822 passes future trials, Taiwan would be the first country in the world to develop a carbohydrate-based vaccine for breast cancer.
2016/02/16 | TNL 編輯
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Join Fight Against Zika
With more and more people being infected with the Zika virus, many countries are seeking solutions to tackle mosquito-borne diseases, including Taiwan, the UK and Brazil.
2016/02/04 | 阿Ken
HIV Patients Can Receive Organ Transplants Starting In March
Many developed countries such as the US, UK and Spain all permit HIV patients to receive organ transplants to increase their survival rate. Taiwan also plans to follow in these steps in March and aims to allow HIV patients to donate their organs to other HIV patients in the future.
2016/01/29 | Kenzo
Taiwan Medical Community Concerned About The Medical Payment Reformation
The health care system in Taiwan is a worldwide research topic, and the recent medical payment reformation within the system has led to criticism from the medical community.
2016/01/28 | TNL 編輯
First Zika Case In Taiwan And The Virus Casting Shadow On The 2016 Olympics
Zika has seen its first case in Taiwan on January 19 and the virus’ outbreak in Brazil has drawn world attention as it’s found to be related to microcephaly: babies born with abnormally small heads. With mosquitos being its vector, there are concerns that the outbreak would not be stopped before the 2016 Olympics this August.
2015/12/28 | Kenzo
Taiwan Hospitals Overcrowded; Medical Reformation Groups Call for New Systems
Zhang Ke-shi, Secretary-General of TCHA points out that currently the hospitals are overcrowded while almost half of the local clinics have shut down. He says that medical centers were meant for patients in need of critical care, but now the system is almost paralyzed because people are used to coming in for minor illnesses. This not only increases the medical staff's workload, but the doctors are also forced to cut back their teaching and research time.
2015/12/19 | Yuan
The Patient Autonomy Act Passes in Taiwan
Legislator Yang Yu-xin says that this legislation allows people to decide in advance whether or not they want to receive treatment when they are in ill conditions in the future or if they want to die naturally. This protects the medical autonomy of patients and is the first Taiwanese law of which patients are subjects.