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2016/11/30 | ZiQing Low

App to Detect Dementia Developed in Taiwan

Someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia every three seconds.

2016/11/27 | Prachi Salve

Overflowing Cities: 157 Million Indians Still Without Toilets

There are 157 million Indians without toilets. That equals eight Olympic-sized pools of poo daily. Women and girls are at particular risk of health issues due to the sanitation crisis.

2016/11/18 | Jessica Levine

Qualified or Not, Breastfeeding Experts Profit From Baby Boom in China

With rising demand for lactation consultants, some training institutions hope to make a quick buck.

2016/11/18 | Oommen C Kurian

India's Disappearing Dead: The Story Of Dengue in Delhi

Data shows that officials have been massively underreporting the number of deaths caused by dengue fever in Delhi.

2016/11/14 | Edward White

Let's Talk About Sex, Taiwan

Government health experts in Taiwan want to normalize conversations about sex and relationships in hope of stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.

2016/11/13 | Devanik Saha

India's Alarmingly High Salt Intake and Changing Diets a Killer: Study

'Over the past 30 years, the average Indian diet has been transformed.' The average Indian now consumes 119% more salt per day than the WHO limit.

2016/11/12 | Charu Bahri

Why 10 Million Indian Women Secretly Undergo Abortions Every Year

Millions of women become pregnant because they lack access to contraceptive devices, are fearful of using them, or, are ignorant about their use.

2016/11/01 | ZiQing Low

Menstrual Cups May Be Available In Taiwan By End of The Year

One company is applying for a permit to manufacture and sell menstrual cups in Taiwan while others are lobbying for it to be sold online.

2016/11/01 | The Japan Times

Foreign Trainees As Caregivers in Japan?

'It is not the proper way to deal with the staff shortage in the nursing care sector'