Stay Afloat: Taiwan's Statistics on Drowning Incidents

Steven Yeo

What bodies of water do most drownings occur in? Who is most frequently a victim? Does the ability to swim matter?


US Health and Human Services Secretary Visits Taiwan

Voice of America

Alex Azar's visit comes as relations between United States and China have plunged to historic lows.


Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance: Bundled Payments Model

Patrick Ng

Taiwan has nearly two decades of successful experience with bundled payment programs. Expanding these programs is a priority for the country.


Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System: The Problem

Patrick Ng

Hailed as one of the world's best healthcare systems, Taiwan's national health insurance is facing the risk of bankruptcy. What went wrong?


After Nearly Erasing Covid-19, Vietnam Grapples With a Spike

Voice of America

Vietnam has fewer than 500 cases and no deaths, but a recent spike of 19 cases has compelled the government to seal off Danang, a tourism hub.


Taiwan Confirms 5 Imported Cases; Expert Calls For Mandatory Testing

TNL Staff

Increasing concerns over the possibility of undetected cases in Taiwan have led to calls for mandatory testing for all incoming and departing travelers.


What Do We Know So Far About the Long-Term Symptoms of Covid-19?

The Conversation

Many people are reporting persistent symptoms like headaches and shortness of breath after two months or more since being infected.

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