Coronavirus: Next Two Weeks ‘Critical’ for Japan

Deutsche Welle

As cases begin an upswing into a third wave in Japan, experts fear that too many Japanese people have become indifferent to the dangers posed by the virus and are taking more risks.

秋冬防疫專案 搭大眾運輸強制戴口罩(3)

Taiwan To Tighten Rules After a Rise in Imported Covid-19 Cases

TNL Staff

Taiwan, a success story in containing the spread of novel coronavirus, is tightening regulations in response to a rise of imported cases.


The Price of Beijing's Vaccine Diplomacy in Southeast Asia

Voice of America

With few options for obtaining doses, many of the countries China is targeting may mute their objections to Beijing’s policies on issues such as the contested South China Sea


Taiwan’s Covid-19 Testing Strategy Divides Public Health Experts

Daphne K. Lee

A canceled press conference on Covid-19 antibody testing is the latest episode dividing Taiwan’s public health experts.


Stay Afloat: Taiwan's Statistics on Drowning Incidents

Steven Yeo

What bodies of water do most drownings occur in? Who is most frequently a victim? Does the ability to swim matter?


US Health and Human Services Secretary Visits Taiwan

Voice of America

Alex Azar's visit comes as relations between United States and China have plunged to historic lows.


Reforming Taiwan’s National Health Insurance: Bundled Payments Model

Patrick Ng

Taiwan has nearly two decades of successful experience with bundled payment programs. Expanding these programs is a priority for the country.

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