OPINION: World Health Organization Neglects 23.5 Million Taiwanese Citizens' Health

Taiwan Insight

World Health Organization prides itself on promoting inclusive health care for all of humanity, but Taiwan is excluded from the circle.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Be Recognized for Its Global Health Efforts

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan has been an invaluable member of the global health community despite its exclusion from the WHO.


An Ebola-Like Virus Called 'Mengla' Has Been Discovered in China

The Conversation

Scientists believe the recently discovered virus has the potential to infect humans.


Chinese Police Investigating Expired Polio Vaccines Given to Over 100 Children


Enraged parents protested outside local government offices on Jan. 11. Three people were arrested.


Taiwan's Battle Against African Swine Fever Gets Political on PTT

Global Voices

Discussion on PTT, Taiwan's largest online forum, has taken a political tone regarding African swine fever.


INFOGRAPHIC: Taiwan's Exhausted Elderly Caregivers Don't Get Enough Help

If Lin

For caregivers over 65 caring for another elderly person, help is out there. They're just not taking it.

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