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2020/06/23 | Deutsche Welle
Is the US-China Rivalry Tangling a Coronavirus Vaccine With Geopolitics?
In China, getting to a vaccine first would be a shot in the arm for its global image as a technology leader. In the U.S., an America-first vaccine could boost President Donald Trump's reelection campaign.
2020/06/22 | Voice of America
How Did Vietnam Become Biggest Nation Without Coronavirus Deaths?
Vietnam's drastic and early action allowed it to head off a full-blown calamity, becoming the biggest nation by population to report no deaths from Covid-19.
2020/06/12 | Patrick Ng
Is Taiwan’s Healthcare Ready for Telemedicine After Its Covid-19 Success?
Taiwan's success at fighting off Covid-19 may have stalled the adoption of telemedicine.
2020/06/10 | Voice of America
China, Singapore Plan Covid-19 'Bubble' for Essential Travel
Travelers from China and Singapore can apply for a travel permit in their respective governments and, if approved, pay for and pass the coronavirus test twice before departure and after landing.
2020/05/26 | Deutsche Welle
India Restarts Domestic Air Travel After Two Months, Amid Chaos
The resumption of domestic flights in India was marked by chaos as several flights were canceled without passengers being warned in advance. Regional rules also complicated the resumption of travel.
Muslims in Taiwan Celebrate End of Ramadan Under Major Changes
Muslims in Taiwan marked the end of Ramadan on Sunday. Taiwan's Covid-19 response allowed for relatively open celebrations, but social distancing measures and employer restrictions remained obstacles for many.
2020/05/19 | Roy Ngerng
Covid-19 Exposed the Rot at the Core of Singapore’s Migrant Labor System
Singapore's migrant workers have borne the brunt of Covid-19. The real culprit is the government's single-minded focus on economic growth before people.
2020/05/11 | TNL Staff
New Cluster Infections in South Korea Reveal Dangers in Reopening Economies
The nightclub outbreak in Seoul shows that successes containing Covid-19 remain liable to setback.
2020/05/11 | Deutsche Welle
Spike in South Korean Infections Linked to One Man’s Night Out
Seoul has once again closed down its bars and nightclubs after an increase in coronavirus infections was linked back to the South Korean capital’s entertainment district.
2020/05/08 | Voice of America
US Rallies Support to Back Taiwan's WHO Bid
The US move is seen as an open rebuke to China, which has been blocking Taiwan's representation at WHO meetings
2020/05/05 | Deutsche Welle
How Major Sports Are Returning in South Korea
South Korea's baseball and soccer competitions will kick off this week, providing global sports fans with rare live action. But both leagues will be operating under strict Covid-19 guidelines.
2020/05/02 | Syrena Lin
Labor Day Weekend Tourism a Thorny Issue for Government
Government officials in Taiwan weigh the competing interests of local vendors and disease prevention in their Labor Day tourism messaging.
2020/04/30 | Daphne K. Lee
Want Want Group Claims 'Water God' Disinfectant Safe for Drinking
Defying questions from legislators, Want Want Group claims its environmental disinfectant, Water God, is safe for human consumption.
2020/04/30 | Voice of America
How a Taiwanese Baseball League Opened Its 2020 Season Despite Covid-19
Taiwan's baseball league is the only one still running in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.
2020/04/29 | The Conversation
Meat Processing Plants Face Heightened Criminal Liability Amid Covid-19
While there’s no evidence Covid-19 can be spread through food, companies must weigh the risks all the same.
2020/04/24 | Roy Ngerng
Taiwan's Response to Covid-19 Is a Lesson in Managing Risk
The Risk Governance Framework is a useful tool for evaluating Taiwan's management of the Covid-19 pandemic.
2020/04/22 | Op-Ed
OPINION: Taiwan’s Future Depends on Using the Covid-19 Spotlight Wisely
Taiwan shouldn't just focus on the WHO. A greater opportunity presented by Taiwan's response to Covid-19 lies in drawing and retaining competitive talent.