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2018/02/07 | Morley J Weston
INFOGRAPHIC: Hualien's Tremorous Week
Earthquakes rarely occur in a vacuum, and Hualien's was no exception.
2018/02/05 | Michael Tatarski
OPINION: The Constant Battle of Environmental Reporting in Vietnam
Vietnam suffers from heavily restricted access for journalists, cagey responses to questions, and zero interest from anyone involved in the government in talking to the press.
2018/02/03 | Nick Aspinwall
Contraband for Sale: How Poachers Supply Sanyi's Thriving Wood Art Market
In this Miaoli County woodcarving mecca, there’s a consistent demand for sculptures made from the wood of endangered trees. Government crackdowns on poachers have only fueled the market.
Asian Biofuel Plans to Trigger Devastating Deforestation
Palm oil production has remained largely flat over the last 20 years, which means the surge in demand will call for a massive expansion of existing palm plantations.
2018/01/26 | Mongabay
British Boatbuilders Still Using Illegal Burmese Teak
Hundreds of thousands of tons of illegal timber are exported from Myanmar illegally every year.
2018/01/22 | Pallavi Arora
OPINION: No Easy Solution to the Fish Stock Problem
The balance between the livelihoods of the world's small-scale fishermen and depleting fish stocks requires an international consensus.
Birdwatching Goes Mainstream in China
Chinese tourists are increasingly attracted to the countryside, and locals — both human and avian — must adapt to cater to their needs.
2018/01/15 | Bonnie Waycott
Can the Bluefin Tuna Survive Their Popularity?
Japan's favorite fish may go the way of the woolly mammoth.
2018/01/04 | Bibek Bhandari
China Aims to Protect Environment through Tax
China continues its administrative attempts to cure the country of its environmental ills.