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2017/11/23 | Tao Lixing

China is Coming Close to Hitting 'Peak Bicycle'

China's bike sharing industry seems to be going off a financial cliff as costs spiral out of control.

2017/11/22 | Dinah Gardner

Don't Let Taiwan Draw the Short Straw on Sustainability

 Regulating single-use straws would put Taiwan on the map for having advanced environmental policy ahead of any other country in the region.

2019/12/04 | 廣編企劃

Five Things You Should Know About “Motorbike Electrification” with the Advent of the New Motorbike Era

Taiwan, known as the “kingdom of motorbikes,” not only has a mature motorbike supply chain, but also is an important ICT industry export nation. However, the government resorted to “the coexistence and co-prosperity of gasoline & electric powered vehicles”. What are the blind spots of such a practice?

2017/11/19 | The Third Pole

China’s Carbon Emissions on the Rise Again

Rising coal consumption ends three years of decreasing emissions.

2017/11/18 | Emily Walz

China, Vietnam and the Mekong Problem

Sino-Vietnamese Relations revolve around the Lancang-Mekong River.

2017/11/15 | Justin Catanoso

US Leads Coal-Gas-Nuke Panel at Climate Summit

The panel argued that fossil fuel production at high, subsidized levels is vital to 'energy security and economic development.'

2017/11/14 | The Third Pole

Global Climate Summit Dominated by Budget Cuts, Red Tape

Many grants promised to countries to help combat climate change have been swapped out for loans.

2017/11/08 | Dinah Gardner

The New Instagram Feed Spotlighting Mass Extinctions

People are killing off vast numbers of species all around the world; but no one is talking about it. Maybe a new Instagram feed devoted to the topic will help.