Are Apps in Asia Killing the Planet?

Edward White

'Without key policy changes, the rapid growth of the internet in East Asia will likely be powered by coal and other dirty sources of electricity,' Greenpeace says.


My Party or My People? Indigenous Legislator on the Fight for Self-Determination in Taiwan

Edward White

Taiwan looks set to open the door for its indigenous people to achieve some degree of autonomy. Will the rest of the population accept it?


From Turning Tricks to Stomping Kickflips in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

Park life in the slums: Why the problems facing the controversial Jakarta governor could hurt the city’s skateboarding community.


Green Smudge on the Sahara

Joydeep Gupta

At the western edge of the desert that stretches from India to North Africa, an experimental Jatropha plantation shows promise


The Cost of Cleaning Up Fukushima

The Japan Times

Tepco should pay for the decommissioning of its reactors, compensation for the victims, and cleanup of the contaminated areas.


Murder in Myanmar: Reporter's Death Linked to Illegal Logging

Beth Walker

Journalist’s death highlights plight of Myanmar’s forests and corruption of illegal logging trade to India and China

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