Not Just Marine Life, the Coral Triangle Sustains an Indonesian Community

Randy Mulyanto

The Coral Triangle, which covers Indonesia's Raja Ampat and five other countries, sustains the livelihood of more than 130 million people.


New Species Found in Embattled Greater Mekong

Deutsche Welle

The share of people living in cities across the five middle-income countries in the Greater Mekong has roughly doubled since 1970, pushing species to the brink of survival.


Typhoon Exposes Biodiversity Haven Palawan’s Vulnerability — And Resilience


Experts say the storm-damaged forests can recover — if they aren’t disturbed by human incursions, fires, or additional storms.


Coal Versus Money in Asia

East Asia Forum

China’s announcement that it will no longer support foreign coal-fired power plants will have little impact.


Taipei Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Indigenous Peoples in Mining Rights Case

Bryan Chou

Taipei’s Supreme Administrative Court on Thursday revoked the economic ministry’s renewal in 2018 of Asia Cement Corporation’s mining permit in Hualien for another 20 years.


Taiwan’s Climate Change Action on Trial for the First Time

Bryan Chou

Taiwan’s economic ministry has been sued for a new regulation that could cause the country to fall behind the world on climate action.

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