Miyawaki Forests Are a Global Sensation, but Not Everyone’s Sold on Them


According to Mitsubishi’s website, the Miyawaki project aims “to demonstrate the feasibility of restoring degraded forest land to conditions that closely resemble a natural forested ecosystem within 40 to 50 years.” However, a 1993 paper from Friends of the Earth didn’t look so kindly on the Miyawaki project in Bintulu...

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Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 9: Fluid Borders

The Outlaw Ocean Project

Why is it sometimes unclear at sea what the difference is between an arrest and a hostage taking?


Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 8: The Loophole Artist

The Outlaw Ocean Project

How have the high seas become a safe haven for women seeking to have an abortion?


New Global Climate Assessment Aims to Gauge Progress

Voice of America

At last year’s Bonn Climate Conference, technical experts began to assess the findings, a process meant to be finalized over this year’s 10-day gathering. The consideration of the findings will begin immediately following the conference and will be translated into recommendations for further action meant to be finalized in Dubai later this year.


Latest Environmentalist Arrest Shocks Vietnam’s Battered Civil Society


The Vietnamese government has a track record of charging critics of the government’s environmental policies of tax evasion.


Incinerator Project in Lukang Withdrawn After Protests

TNL Staff

Six incinerators are already operating in Changhua, and the addition of another incinerator may exacerbate air pollution in the county.

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