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INDONESIA: What Happens to Pet Cockatoos Confiscated From Smugglers?


Indonesia is struggling to deal with the influx of animals, especially birds, confiscated from traffickers.


Mind Pollution: How Dirty Air Harms Human Cognition

AsiaGlobal Online

A study shows that air pollution has a massive detrimental impact on human cognition.


No Consensus, Mass Confusion After Taiwan's Energy Referendums

Roy Ngerng

A survey held after Taiwan's referendums showed voters were unaware of the country's energy policy.


Southeast Asia's Douc Langurs: The Prettiest Primates You've Never Heard Of

Gregory McCann

These 'mini-Santas' of Indochina are increasingly threatened. Let's appreciate their beauty.


Death by Drowning in Plastic on Taiwan's Beaches

Jules Quartly

About 91% of the debris washing up on Taiwan’s beaches is plastic, which is not only unsightly, but also kills marine creatures and seeps into our food and water supplies

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