South Korea’s Outcry Over Fukushima Wastewater Distracts the Public from Domestic Woes

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows that the Koreans are more concerned about Japan’s Fukushima nuclear wastewater than a similar woe which may be resulted from their domestic plants.


Migration, Evidence, and Climate Change in the Pacific

East Asia Forum

While there are early signs that climate change is influencing mobility decisions, the evidence consistently shows that people from low-lying islands want to stay in their homelands.


Feel the magic of space and let yourself be touched – we step into Chi Po-lin Museum

The exhibition of the Chi Po-lin Museum, “The City, The Flâneur,” explores the texture of cities “from a bird's-eye view”, narrating the beauty and sorrow of cities. The Chi Po-lin Museum was inaugurated in April 2019 and already hosted three exhibitions, “View Above Mountains,” “​Above The Coast,” and “Reflection of Rivers” consecutively. They have accumulated nearly 60 thousand visits.

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Anti-Japan Sentiment Grows in China Following Fukushima Water Release

Voice of America

China experiences a surge in public outrage towards Japan following the release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Fukushima Nuclear Water Release: How Safe Is It?

Deutsche Welle

Japan’s atomic agency and the IAEA have approved the plan of releasing Fukushima water into the Pacific Ocean, stating that the filtered water will have a negligible radiological impact.


Five Things You Should Know About “Motorbike Electrification” with the Advent of the New Motorbike Era

Taiwan, known as the “kingdom of motorbikes,” not only has a mature motorbike supply chain, but also is an important ICT industry export nation. However, the government resorted to “the coexistence and co-prosperity of gasoline & electric powered vehicles”. What are the blind spots of such a practice?


Taiwan as a Pioneer To Pave Way for More Green Economies in APEC Summit

Ian Murphy

Taiwan has recently gained an important voice in APEC summit, for sharing its success of green economies and combating climate change.


Taiwan’s Pioneering Pathway to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

East Asia Forum

Taiwan’s ‘Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050’ plan can serve as a model for other APEC economies, to inspire and drive innovation to tackle climate change and promote sustainable development, with a strong emphasis on technology R&D.

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Clean Me a River: Southeast Asia Chokes on Mekong Plastic Pollution


Study finds that micro-plastics in Mekong River are drifting to Western Philippines and Indonesia, contaminating seafood and disrupting marine life, in the Coral Triangle's area.

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