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2017/04/18 | Millie Kerr
Apes in Asian Circus-Style Shows on Rise — So is Trafficking
Chinese and Thai animal attractions increasingly force young chimpanzees and orangutans — many illegally wild-caught — to perform for visitors.
2017/04/17 | FORTUNE
Japan Faces Dire Potato-Chip Crunch
Japan's potato harvest has fallen short, forcing chip makers to halt production.
2017/04/15 | Michael Tatarski
Graffiti Campain Brings Rhino Conservation Message to Urban Vietnam
The art campaign is aimed at educating locals and engaging neighborhood residents about the cost of sought-after rhino horn.
2017/04/15 | Rosemary Chen
US$6 Billion Not Enough to Tackle Air Pollution in Taiwan
Taiwan has announced new emission reduction targets and policies to combat air pollution but environmental groups say they still do not go far enough.
2017/04/11 | Li Zhi
The Coming Wake-Up Call for China’s Tourism Industry
Crowds of visitors to the country’s scenic areas have investors taking rash, risky and unsustainable decisions.
Will the Silent Comeback of Coal Threaten Japan’s Climate Goals?
Japan’s energy debate demonstrates that phasing out coal from the electricity mix and replacing it with renewable alternatives can be a political challenge.   
2017/04/05 | Rosemary Chen
Q&A: Taiwan 'Soil Doctors’ Startup and the Future of Organic Farming
Referring to themselves as ‘soil doctors,’ an interesting startup, TSBiotech, has big dreams for transforming the future of organic farming in Taiwan and beyond.
2017/04/02 | Shi Yi
What Should China Do with Its Stockpile of Soon-to-be-banned Ivory?
Experts argue that a government buyback is the most cost-effective solution.
2017/04/01 | Claire Salisbury
Paying for Healthcare With Trees: Win-win For Orangutans and Communities
Borneo’s exhilaratingly innovative ASRI program is 'saving the rainforest with a stethoscope,' using healthcare to decrease logging and increase organic farming.
2017/03/30 | Shreya Dasgupta
Survey of Previously Inaccessible Region of Myanmar Reveals Many Endangered Species
Recent surveys recorded 31 species of mammals in Karen state in southeast Myanmar, a region that has been excluded from previous scientific assessments due to military conflict.
2017/03/27 | Saigoneer
Coffee Production in Vietnam Faces Dark Future Under Climate Change
Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns may cost Vietnam 50 percent of its current Robusta coffee production areas by 2050.
Double-Edged Sword: Urbanization Brings Malnutrition and Obesity Problems to India
In India, distress migration to urban areas is creating food security problems and the urban poor is deprived of nutritious food.
2017/03/24 | Shi Yi
Hot Water in South China Sea Causes Mass Coral Bleaching
Strong El Niño effect increased summer water temperatures by up to 6 degrees.
2017/03/22 | Shreya Dasgupta
Saving Orphaned Baby Rhinos in India
The Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation in Assam State gives orphaned rhinos a second chance at life in the wild.