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2017/06/22 | Li You
Navigating the Muddy Waters of China’s Cadmium Rice Paddies
The government is spending millions on cleaning up polluted soil, but progress is slow in the country’s rice heartland.
2017/06/19 | Saigoneer
Child Labor to Surge in Vietnam Due to Climate Change: Experts
As climate change wreaks havoc on Vietnam, more children will be forced to work from an early age, experts say.
2017/06/17 | Mongabay
Vaquita Porpoise Nears Extinction: International Fish Swim Bladder Trade to Blame
The hunt for totoaba and the trade of the fish’s highly valued swim bladders from Mexico through the U.S. to China is decimating a Critically Endangered porpoise called the vaquita.
2017/06/17 | Mike Gaworecki
New ‘Elfin Toad’ Discovered in Vietnam
A new species of Asian mountain toad belonging to the genus Ophryophryne has been discovered in the Truong Son or Annamite mountains of Vietnam, an area of high diversity for the group.
2017/06/14 | TNL 編輯
An Extremely Rare Cobra Lily Has Been Rediscovered in India
The plant, Arisaema translucens, had not been recorded since it was first collected from southern India in 1932.
2017/06/14 | Isabel Esterman
Ending Puntung's Suffering: One of Malaysia’s Last Rhinos Euthanized
Puntung, one of three Sumatran rhinos known to survive in Malaysia, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
2017/06/14 | Amalinda Savirani
Jakarta Still Belongs to the Oligarchs
Persistent urban issues such as land, environment and spatial planning has both reflected and reproduced spatial inequality among social classes.
2017/06/13 | Nevin Thompson
Why Japanese Locals Rejoice About a Restart for Nuclear Power Plant
This is the second nuclear reactor to be restarted at Takahama, and brings up to five the number of reactors restarted across Japan after being shut down following the March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear meltdown at Fukushima.
2017/06/09 | Maxine Chen
Lizard DNA has Surprising Lessons for India's Grasslands
Unexpected diversity of a family of lizards in India implies that tropical grasslands are not human-made ecosystems as often argued.
2017/06/08 | Li Zhiqing
As the U.S. Says ‘Non!’ to Paris, What Will China Do Next?
President Trump’s withdrawal from the landmark agreement gives China a chance to lead the fight against climate change — if it is ready to do so.
2017/06/06 | Glenn Scherer
Trump's Paris Climate Accord Rejection: Here's What the Scientists Say
Donald Trump has announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; scientists from around the globe respond to this exclusive Mongabay commentary.
2017/06/06 | Patrick Schroeder
From Laggard to Leader: China's New Role in Fighting Climate Change
If China implements a national carbon tax system, this would be the most important climate policy decision taken by any government so far, and would put China into a clear global leadership position on climate change.
2017/06/05 | Beyonder Times
German Student Undertakes Food-Saving Initiatives in Taiwan
'Why throw away food which is still edible? Food waste is not just about food themselves, but also about the waste of water, earth, energy and labor resources that are required to produce the food,' said Stefan Simon.
2017/06/03 | Olivia Kember
Did Trump Actually Help the Climate Cause?
With this level of consensus, the biggest risk of a Trump withdrawal —  that it starts other countries down the same path — is unlikely to eventuate.
2017/06/01 | Shreya Dasgupta
Singapore’s Massive Role in Trading Shark Fins Exposed
According to trade records in 2012-2013, Singapore’s shark fin exports were worth US$40 million, closely following Hong Kong’s US$45 million.