Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 8: The Loophole Artist

The Outlaw Ocean Project

How have the high seas become a safe haven for women seeking to have an abortion?


New Global Climate Assessment Aims to Gauge Progress

Voice of America

At last year’s Bonn Climate Conference, technical experts began to assess the findings, a process meant to be finalized over this year’s 10-day gathering. The consideration of the findings will begin immediately following the conference and will be translated into recommendations for further action meant to be finalized in Dubai later this year.


Feel the magic of space and let yourself be touched – we step into Chi Po-lin Museum

The exhibition of the Chi Po-lin Museum, “The City, The Flâneur,” explores the texture of cities “from a bird's-eye view”, narrating the beauty and sorrow of cities. The Chi Po-lin Museum was inaugurated in April 2019 and already hosted three exhibitions, “View Above Mountains,” “​Above The Coast,” and “Reflection of Rivers” consecutively. They have accumulated nearly 60 thousand visits.


Latest Environmentalist Arrest Shocks Vietnam’s Battered Civil Society


The Vietnamese government has a track record of charging critics of the government’s environmental policies of tax evasion.


Incinerator Project in Lukang Withdrawn After Protests

TNL Staff

Six incinerators are already operating in Changhua, and the addition of another incinerator may exacerbate air pollution in the county.


Five Things You Should Know About “Motorbike Electrification” with the Advent of the New Motorbike Era

Taiwan, known as the “kingdom of motorbikes,” not only has a mature motorbike supply chain, but also is an important ICT industry export nation. However, the government resorted to “the coexistence and co-prosperity of gasoline & electric powered vehicles”. What are the blind spots of such a practice?

Ian looking at a Chinese Vessel Through Binoculars Further Away.jpg

Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 7: Chasing Ghosts

The Outlaw Ocean Project

Why is the largest illegal fishing fleet ever discovered causing dead bodies to wash ashore in Japan?


Indonesia, Malaysia Deploy Ministers To Push Back on EU Palm Oil Restrictions


The world’s two biggest palm oil producers have long protested EU policies against palm oil, calling them discriminatory and protectionist of Europe’s own oilseeds industry.


Rooftop Solar Panels Mandatory for New Buildings in Taiwan

TNL Staff

The policy is part of President Tsai’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, when renewable energy accounts for over 60% of the country’s total electricity production.

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